3 tips for guy’s to have a stylish summer


We have all waited so long for summer and now it has arrived, let’s not waste it.

Don’t sit inside playing on your computer – you can play online casino slots on the go anyway – and don’t waste the opportunity to wear some of the most comfortable and stylish outfits you possibly can. In general, we all wear a lot less in summer. Trousers and jackets are swapped for swim shorts and, if it’s hot enough, not much else. But still, summer is a time for a few fashion mishaps as heat and a rise in flip-flop wearing combine to make it a potentially dangerous style disaster.

But that doesn’t have to be the case and here are our 3 tips on getting summer fashion right.

  1. The white tee

It is the most simple of pieces in your wardrobe but if done correctly, the humble plain white tee can be an effective item, indeed – especially in the summer heat.

It’s all about the fit so make sure you’ve got one that suits you. If you’ve been hitting the gym, combine that crew neck with some shorter sleeves but in general, the more baggy tees will provide the more versatile and most comfortable fits. On trend with all this ‘90s’ fashion, the more loose fitting, thicker cotton tee can be a great look and help you keep cool, too, acting as a versatile option that you can with trunks, shorts, trousers and even under a shirt in the evenings. Also, remember that you can play fun online gambling games right here.

  1. Get the right sunglasses

Again, it’s really not rocket science, but combing a simple outfit with a slick pair of shades can take you from a standard summer bloke into one of the cooler kids on the beach.

Wayfarers provide the most timeless option but if you’re more edgy, don’t be afraid to brand out. If you’re looking for inspiration, don’t be afraid to try plenty of pairs on when out shopping – that’s why they have so many mirrors near by them! Of course, we all dream of a pair of Ray-Bans, but often your high-street retailer offers similar shapes and styles that offer the look you’re after without the gutting feeling of sitting on your sunglasses and breaking them.

Don’t underestimate their functionality, either. A guy in sunglasses looks better than a guy squatting in the sun.

  1. Never flip-flops

I don’t care how it is, unless you’re a fully fledged surfer or on a Hawaiian beach, keep your feet out of flip-flops.

No one wants to see your toes like that and there are plenty of options elsewhere. Sliders are very much in right now and if you’ve got a good pair of socks, the more edgy guys among us shouldn’t fear the once forbidden ‘sandals and socks’ look. Elsewhere, wicker sandals provide a smarter, less ‘beach bum’ look for the evenings spent sipping sangria on holiday and, in combination with our other tips (and a pair of shorts), will complete a flawless summer look.


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