5 Pieces of Furniture that will Never go out of Style


Current trends tend to stay just that, trends. They go just as quickly as they came, which makes redecorating your home a little tricky. Ideally, you want to find pieces that will never go out of style. Items that are timeless. So, here at five pieces of furniture that will keep your home looking effortlessly stylish no matter the decade.

Scandinavian Lighting

The scandi look may be doing the rounds in the interiors world right now, but elements of this aesthetic have actually been around for a while. A great example of this is a scandi inspired lamp. It’s modern and simple look means it fits in seamlessly with any decor theme. This versatility keeps the lamp looking and feeling fresh, modern and contemporary. Similarly, hanging bulbs or wall fixtures have a sense of vintage glamour about them which will give you a stunning look for years to come.

Traditional Rugs

Rugs are a great way of bringing in some texture and layers to a room. Not only that, but they’re also great practically, offering added insulation and sound dampening properties. With the thousands of rugs on offer you might feel a little lost about which one will stand the test of time. Luckily, there is one such rug that will never fade in beauty or style, the traditional rug. Some might assume that traditional rugs are very old fashioned in appearance, so shy away from them. However, traditional rugs have patterns that are beautifully classic that suit many different themes and aesthetics. Whether it be an industrial or Hygge look traditional rugs never look out of place, giving gorgeous patterns and colours that immediately give a room a more luxurious atmosphere.

Oak Table

Theres nothing more reliable than a large oak table. Whether its in your kitchen or in a dining room, an oak table is a stunning centre piece to a room. Their neutral and earthy tones suit any interior style perfectly, so theres no need to worry about versatility. Oak tables can be matched with oak chairs for a farmhouse or country look but can also be paired with more modern chairs for that stunning contrast of old and new.


Any well decorated room will use artwork to fully complete a look. While artwork is completely subjective and dependent on your preferred style, there is a general rule you can follow. Abstract art is perfect when looking to create an everlasting design scheme. Since abstract art is open to interpretation, it means that it can fit discreetly with future designs as well as your current look. It can be appreciated that abstract art isn’t to everyones taste. If this is the case, try to look for abstract art that isn’t too outlandish and more subtle.

Leather Sofa

As charming as they come, the leather sofa is a true luxury item that screams sophistication. Your best bet with leather sofas is to go for a saddle brown. This colour is just slightly darker than a tan but offers those same neutral tones that make it very workable in terms of accessories. If you’re worried these sofas might look too harsh, try pairing them with delicate cushions and blankets for a slightly softer look.

Decorating doesn’t have to be hard. Following these few suggestions will mean you’re investing in long-term furniture and furnishings that just keep on giving the older they get.