5 Things Not To Do If You Get Arrested


There are some people that may try to get arrested on a dare, but for the majority of individuals, the detention may come as a complete surprise. When the officer declares you are under arrest, there are some things you must do, such as put your hands behind your back, and some things you should not do. Here are five things not to do if you get arrested.

Do Not Argue

Do not argue with the officer or swear your dad is a bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado. The officer does not care who you are related to or why you believe you are innocent.

Do Not Talk

Babbling information during the arrest will not help your case. Stop talking, listen to the officers, and respond to their questions with a reply about requesting a lawyer. Do not talk about the event in question.

Do Not Run

Police often come in pairs, and they have cars. You may feel like running, but do not do it. Once the officer catches you, they can become physically rough due to the adrenaline rush from the chase. Why provoke injury, no matter what the crime is.

Do Not Believe

Police lie, so do not believe what they say about the events of the case. The law gives the officers the right to lie if they believe you will admit details of the crime. So, do not believe what the police say about any accomplice or witness on the case.

Do Not Permit

Do not give permission for the police to search your home, your car, or your personal possessions. If they ask for permission, it often means the officer does not have the right to do so. Keep your keys and tell them no.

You can protect yourself after an arrest. Just follow the five steps above to stay safe – and innocent.


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