5 Things you can do in Your Lunchbreak


No matter where you work, the working day is exhausting enough. But sometimes, when the work load mounts, you end up forgetting all about the lunch break you are completely entitled to. It’s too short a time to walk anywhere or do anything so you may as well power through…or should you? Here are some ideas to get you away from the desk or shop floor and take some time for you.

  1. Do some meditation: the great thing about this practice is you can do it all out or go for low key, depending on the resources available. If you are lucky enough to have your own office, then shut the door, put on some of your favourite music and take some time for you. Settan alarm just in case you become too relaxed. It’s a great way to let the stress of the morning flow away and it allows you to re-focus ready for the afternoon.

  1. Go to the gym. If you’re lucky enough to live near a gym or even have a gym where you work, then you should fully make use of it. Getting your body moving not only helps you manage your weight and contributes to a healthy lifestyle, but it increases the sense of happiness as endorphins are released. In the gym, or with a class, there’s also plenty of variety so you can pick and choose what workout suits you on the day; yoga if you just want to stretch out and take five, or kettlebells if you really need to take out some aggression. It also means you don’t have to worry about waking up earlier than usual or working out when you come home exhausted.

  1. Playing some games on your phone. This won’t get you away from the screen if you have a computer-based job, but it is an easy way to forget the workplace environment and perfect to play while you munch on a sandwich. Depending on high-tech your phone is, you can pick and choose new games to download or play the classic games on your phone. From puzzle games, to stimulation games, there’s bound to be something for you. Another great option are slot games; most play like video games and often have a story and some fun soundtrack. Wizard Slots is a great place to find a huge variety. You may walk away in your lunch break with money for that deluxe sandwich.

So next time you feel the workload is too much, don’t forget to take your lunch. You need to make sure your brain isn’t working overtime, and your lunch break is the perfect time to make sure everything doesn’t get too overloaded. As well as the gym, games and meditation, there are a whole host of other options such as reading, going for a walk or even socialising with colleagues. Whatever you need to switch off,make sure you take time in your day to do this.


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