5 Vegetarian Recipes from the State of Punjab!


Punjabi cuisine is very well known for its chicken dishes. Their food is rich and the taste is like heaven. Some of the most loved chicken dishes have to be chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, butter chicken, etc. But apart from these few popular dishes; do you know anything about their vegetarian menu?

Yes, Punjabi’s have a number of vegetarian dishes in their list too and people love having them as well. In today’s article I will be telling you about some of the most loved vegetarian dishes that come for the state of Punjab and people often prepare it on a regular basis and if you haven’t tried any of these you must immediately.

  1. Matarpaneer– This is the season of winter and peas are all over the market. Matarpaneer is one of the many dishes which Punjab is proud of. It is very simple to make and if you want the matarpaneer recipe in hindi is easily available on the internet. There are different ways of preparing it. So, pick out the easiest one of them all do try it out. Before the season of peas is over, you have to try out this dish. This dish could be had with poori, paratha or even chapattis.
  2. Alookaparatha– Now who doesn’t know about alookaparatha. Even if you haven’t had the chance of having the alookaparatha from Punjab, I am pretty sure you have had it in your life. But still for those who are clueless, let me tell you that this is a dish where potato stuffing is put into the dough and then rolled out to make a paratha. It is very easy to make. In fact, this is my Favourite Sunday breakfast!
  3. Gobhikaparatha– this is yet another paratha which has fillings inside. But this time it is cauliflower and not potato. Winter season harvest the best cauliflower, so before winter bids us good bye, you must try out this dish. It is again very simple to make and also very rich as a matter of fact. If you want a heavy breakfast there you go!
  4. Sarson da saag with make ki roti– Sarson da saag is famous in Punjab right from the village to the city. Whenever the season of sarson arrives, all Punjabis get excited to taste this dish prepared by their moms, or wives, etc. Sarson is actually mustard. The saag is actually mustard leaves. Makka is corn and the roti is made out of corn flour. The dish is relished by everyone and is a must try!
  5. Butter dal tadka– Another thing the Punjabis are really famous for is their dal. From normal Sunday lunches to wedding receptions, all of them love to serve this item. Again it is very easy to prepare and it can be eaten well with chapatti or paratha. The primary ingredient is black moong and other lentils. In fact, why don’t you try it out this coming Sunday?


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