7 factors that you should look for in a hotel accommodation


Nowadays, we all have the access to truly find out which is the best hotel accommodation for each travel destination. There are listicles, reviews on different websites, blog articles form social media influencers telling their travel experience, and so on. Because of the availability of information, we often put too much pressure on ourselves just to get the best hotel recommendation. Though making sure that you have a good time is great, this type of pressure might put a bit of stress to your planning – which shouldn’t be the case.

What should you do instead is to focus on the parts of the hotel that should matter to you and to your vacation? Below are some factors that you should look for in a hotel.


The first thing you should ask is if the hotel accommodation is located in a vicinity of everywhere. Planning on visiting the beach? Then your room should be in front of it or just around the corner. Do you plan on having a city tour? Then your hotel should be right at the center of the city. It’s also very important that the hotel has accessible transportation, is near restaurants and malls, and very safe and secured.

Great reviews

Thanks to Google, we can now experience the hotel room, even if you haven’t arrived on it yet. That’s the beauty of online reviews that are available today. You can read a blog post written by an influencer or an ordinary guest. You can now find out if the hotel really lives up to its Instagram photos and well-built website.


You would feel like a true VIP when you book a hotel. So check out the website if they have any luxurious amenities that they can offer. Look for swimming pools, garden, or a gazebo. Also, check if they offer massage services and if the hotel has its own restaurant that’s ready to whip up something delicious just in case you and your gang feel the need for a quick fix.


Aside from the amenities, you should also consider looking at the freebies found in the hotel. Do they offer free breakfast? This might seem trivial but a free breakfast can help you save money especially if you’re going to stay on the premises for a long time. Also, ask if they have Wi-Fi that can help you connect with your loved ones while you travel and update your social media.


After checking the amenities and freebies, ask yourself if the hotel deserves its price. If it’s a five-star hotel with stunning online reviews, then it will probably live up to your expectation. But if you’re not that keen on luxury, maybe searching for a cheaper hotel wouldn’t’ hurt. Compare prices amongst hotel available in the area.

Free airport shuttle

Many people take free airport shuttle for granted. But what they do not know is that airport shuttles save a life. Especially when you’re traveling abroad. In some countries, taxi drivers will try to get as much money from you as possible, thinking that you’re naïve. Airport shuttles can help you get back to your hotel right away and avoid any complications. And of course, it’s nice to feel like VIP once in a while.


Make sure that the hotel is safe and secured. Aside from being in a safe location, also ask if the hotel has a trusty 24/7 security team who can protect you and the whole family. Again, online reviews can help you find out if there is any news of harassment and theft around the area.