7 Must Visit Island Countries Present in the Caribbean


The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places that exist on this earth. People generally tend to take it as a holiday destination but millions of people actually call it their home. The Caribbean is made of numerous islands, some small and some big. You can rent a Villa in the Caribbean to spend a beautiful holiday with your friends or family.

Today, we will touch on some of the most notable islands present in the Caribbean. Each of them is known for different qualities but every one of them is exquisitely beautiful. So, let us get acquainted with the islands present in the beautiful place called the Caribbean.

Spectacular Island Countries Present in the Caribbean:

  • Cayman: This is one of the island countries that are known by almost everyone. The clear blue waters and the amazing quality of Stingray City draw in everyone. One of the best things about the islands is the coral reef that is present in its vicinity. The capital city of the place is George Town. People are used to speaking English but Spanish is a prevalent language as well. Cayman is a group of islands consisting of the Grand Cayman, the Little Cayman,and the Cayman Brac.
  • Cuba: Cuba is quite renowned around the world because of their connection with the USA. But within themselves, they are a beautiful island country with rich and colorful culture. It is also the largest island of the Caribbean. Havana is the capital city of the country and the prevalent language is Spanish. The whole of Cuba is beautiful and has spectacular beaches. Some of the notable spots of Cuba are the Havana Malecon, Havana Viejo. If you love cigar and rum then do not forget to have those in Cuba. Explore the country as much as you can and take in its culture and history.
  • Jamaica: Quite well known throughout the world for its coffee, the nation is spectacularly beautiful. It is situated just south of Cuba. The capital city of Kingston has a mix of modern culture along with their historical past. The main language spoken on the island is English. You cannot miss the culture of Bob Marley and his music when you are in Jamaica. But the country is full of natural wonder like the Dunn’s River Falls which is one of the best places to taste the waters of Jamaica. One dish that everyone should try is the Jerk Chicken.
  • Trinidad and Tobago: Another country that is filled with colorfulness and culture. One of the most pristine one’s as tourism isn’t very huge here. It is also the most industrialized country of the Caribbean. You will see many high rise buildings in the capital city of Port of Spain but it is contrasted with the beautiful sea.  Lots of Hindus are present in the country so there is a unique Hindi that the locals speak. But English and Spanish are the most prevalent language. You may choose to visit the country during its Carnival when it oozes with colors and happiness.
  • Barbados: A unique name derived from the local fig trees that grow on this island. The island has a past with the British when they first settled there in 1627. Now, the island is one of the best-known tourist destinations in the Caribbean. It has beautiful sandy beaches and several resorts for its tourists. The capital city of the island is Bridgetown. There are lots of things that one can do in Barbados. They can visit the rum distilleries, surf or snorkel in the beautiful sea or take catamaran cruises. Some notable beaches of the island are the Lakes Beach, the Carlisle Bay,and the Belair Bay.
  • The Bahamas: These are a group of islands that have been included in the Caribbean area even though they do not exactly fall in the Caribbean plate. Each and every island is stunning but it is generally taken as a whole. Most of the islands remain uninhabited because of being made of coral reefs. The Bahamas were colonized by England, so English is the local language and Christianity is the most dominant religion. The capital city of the Bahamas is Nassau. Scuba diving around the islands is great because of the extensive marine life present in the area. Nassau is a beautifully designed city and is full of vigorous life. The best thing has to be the Atlantis Water scape which is the largest open-air aquarium in the world. It is definitely intriguing to spend a day in this beautiful tropical destination of several islands.
  • Dominica: Another picture perfect nation that one can visit in the Caribbean. The place has a tropical climate and there are several tropical rainforests. The capital city is called Roseau and it inherits the French flavor of its past. But that is also contrasted with the modern lifestyle. The prevalent languages are English followed by French Patois. The houses of the capital city are beautifully colored and you can see the influence of reggae. The forests and the trekking trails within them are a must visit for any visitor. One needs to take a dip in the Emerald Pool to refresh their bodies.

Here are some of the beautiful island nations that you will get in the Caribbean. It will take years to explore everything but you can definitely take a quick tour of the place. Every country has tried to maintain their beauty and you will experience them in their cities and culture.

This article is submitted by Seema Gurnani, who’s a travel blogger and owns www.pandareviewz.com