A Guide for Beginners in the Purview of Indian Art


People who are new to the world of art are generally intimidated by the dynamicity of this arena. However, once you step into the wonderful world of art then you will realise the immense beauty which is held by it. Since time immemorial art has been into existence. Artists have been using this medium to convey what words failed to express. Through the passage of time the world witnessed innumerable artists and their remarkable marvels. With the advancement of time and age different forms of art came into existence.

There are various flowers which are blooming in the garden of art. One of them is Indian art which is considered as an inseparable part of this beautiful world. Many established art lovers are mesmerised by the beautiful marvels of this genre of art and are on the lookout to buy Indian art pieces. If you are taking your baby steps in the domain of Indian art, then here are a few ways through which you can ensure that your primary steps are placed firmly.

  • Do your homework:
    Research is your best friend when it comes to purchasing art. You need to do a lot of homework in respect to art and artworks. Doing so would empower you with knowledge and this knowledge is extremely helpful in deciding your taste and preferences in the genre of art. The understanding of the different kinds of paintings which suits your liking would work as a stepping stone in your art journey. Along with artworks, you must gain information about the various artists. A thorough knowledge of the various artists, both in the past as well as present, would be immensely helpful in developing an understanding towards the subject matter. Along with this you must also study about the various galleries. This will give you a fair idea about the different paintings which are available all across. If you happen to have a keen eye, then you might end up finding Indian art paintings at affordable rates.
  • Buy what you like:
    If there happens to be a golden rule of art collection, then it would surely be this one. You must always buy Indian art in those designs which is liked by you. Most certainly there is no use of purchasing something that you yourself don’t like. Your painting must be such that you feel like looking at it every day. Purchasing a painting just because someone else likes can end up being a big mistake. Even if you are buying it for investment purposes still you need to hunt for those pieces which are of your liking. When you are beginning to build your art collection then you must treat it like an empire, your empire. Only those articles should be a part of it which suit your taste and reflect your style.
  • Staying within the realm of your budget:
    With so many artworks available it is quite easy to lose track of your budget. However, you must remember to stay within the defined category of your financial plan. Bringing in a piece of art which exceeds your monetary allowance wouldn’t be a very financially sound idea. If there are expensive pieces then affordable art also exists in the market. You must always hunt for artworks which don’t end up digging a hole in your pocket. Good pieces of Indian art are available widely. Exploring and researching is the key here. Rather than flowing with the emotions and purchasing instantly what you like, you must retain your patience and hunt for artworks which complement your taste and fit within your budget.

There is no definite list of rules which needs to be considered once you choose to buy Indian art painting. However the aforementioned tips will surely provide a firm base.


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