A guide to find your life partner


Well! You have got your degree from a reputed college. Got a joining letter from a leading firm or well settled your business. The bottom-line is that now you are capable of taking care of yourself on your own and reedy to take the responsibilities. Now getting married is in the top of your list to do in life.

You need a life partner to start a family. Your life partner should be your friend, your confidante and at the same time a true companion. The key ingredient in a good life is a happy marriage. So once you are on the verge of finding a perfect life partner for yourself, you will find many people around you giving hundreds and hundreds of suggestions. And here is the guide to find a perfect life partner that may help you in deciding.

Open mind

Gone are the days when parents use to make the major decision of your life on your behalf. These days, after common understanding between the families, they allow their children to interact with each other. Most of the parents these days don’t object to the choice of their children.

They are not narrow minded people from the past. So don’t hesitate to talk openly with your parents about your future life partner. They have valuable experience of life that may help you a lot in making your decision. Parents also don’t want to burden their children with their decisions. So you can say, the young generation is arranging their own marriages.

Be very clear

Talk to yourself and have vision of your future. Then it will be easy for Punjabi matrimony groom to decide on qualities that he is looking for in his life partner. I would suggest that write down in points the qualities and attributes that you want in your life partner. Try be very clear about the person’s educational qualifications, professional achievements and personal traits. Though it may souind weird, but trust me it will help you a lot.

Know about the person and go on a date

It is very important to do the back ground research of the person you are interested in. Punjabi matrimony has profiles of many prospective brides and grooms. Though many of these marriage portals have the crossed checked profile, but I will always suggest that you do your own home work, after all it’s a matter of your life.

There are many ways like check his/her Facebook profile. Get in touch with a close friend, relative or cousin. Know about the past of the person from these people. Plan meetings with your prospective better half at places where you are comfortable. Though you cannot know everything about that person in few meetings but surely you will get an idea about the person’s personality.

After listening to all the suggestions from friends and family, do keep in mind that it’s your life and marriage. Never blindly follow the suggestion. Listen to all but do what you think is right.