A tour of some incredible sculptures across the world.


There are many sculptures around the world that draw in vast numbers of visitors each year. In the past sculptures would have been made from materials such as sandstone, marble and even concrete. Other popular materials include metals such as steel and bronze. Bronze is a popular sculpting metal due to its mould ability and the finish that can be achieved on the surface of the sculpture. The detailing that can be included on Bronze Wildlife Sculptures is what makes it a superior option and one that is used in the construction of Bronze Wildlife Sculptures from Gill Parker.

There are a few notable sculptures that can be seen in a variety of places across the globe. Here are some of my favourites.

Freedom by Zenos Frudakis is located in Philadelphia and is a sculpture made from bronze and is around 20 feet in length. It sows four figures at varying stages of creative freedom. The first on the left is solidly locked in the bronze slab. The second and third people are emerging from their bronze case and the fourth has fully emerged leaving behind an empty casing and is posed in a triumphant stance.

The sculpture of Nelson Mandela by Marco Cianfanelli and Jeromy Rose completed in 2012 is located along his long walk to freedom. It is constructed of fifty steel poles that are made of different heights. When you look at the sculpture from the right angle it depicts the face of Nelson Mandela.

The Mustangs of Las Colinas is located in Williams Square in Texas and is the creation of Robert Glen. It is an incredible piece of artwork and shows the scene of nine mustangs galloping their way across a stream encased with beautiful pink granite. Next to the sculpture is a museum dedicated to showing the process of making the mustangs and also shows some of the other wildlife sculpture’s that Robert Glen has created.

Moai are statues located on Easter Island and are thought to have been crafted between 1400 and1650 AD by natives of the island. Easter Island contains over 1000 statues in total, most of which are hand carved. The statues are usually created to honour an island chieftain or in memory of some important from the island.

There are many more impressive sculptures in countries across the world. What ones have you visited and which ones are on your list to see at some point in the future.


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