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There are places in Australia that seem to look beautiful. These beautiful places are the twelve apostles, Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge and London Arch (London Bridge). These places can be your dream destinations where you can enjoy a lot along with your kids. You come close to the twelve apostles by wearing the swimming dress.

When you take your photos near to these places, it seems like you are the hero of your travel. Therefore, you should go to these places of Australia that make you feel of the real heaven. Let’s discuss about these places in detail.

The beautiful looking twelve Apostles

You should come to the place where twelve apostles are situated. There should be an enjoyment during the sunset. I want to say that; this is the perfect destination to bask in the sun. If you observe in the surroundings of apostles, there are big mountains. You must come here and have fun with your children. When you come to this place for the first time, you are astonished to see that; this place is wide. You feel coldness when the wet sand touches under the feet. When the sky is overcast, the scene looks more beautiful. After getting the rain in here, your mood suddenly changes and you spend more time to enjoy the rain.

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Gibson Steps is a natural place

This is the wonderful place to roam around. When you visit to this natural place, you observe that there are mountains and the sea is also in front of you. Due to the wetness of clay around this place, your bare foots are smeared with the clay. This is the exact moment in which you play with your kids. You try to catch them and other games are also played by the kids. It is actually a lonely place. If you are in search for the peace then, it becomes necessary for you to come here and make your life full of relief.

Loch Ard Gorge the mountainous place to visit

When you go to Loch Ard Gorge, you get excited when you observe the shape of mountains. Besides, there are trees over the mountains. They look strange and the strange look of these mountains makes you a familiar traveller. It looks like the mountains are in shape of lines. Between the mountains, there is a space. Half of the space covers the sea water and the left one is full of sand. The colour of sand is brown. I said this because there are some places where the colour of sand impersonates into red and brown. It happens due to the hotness in summer season. You get a wow experience when you become the part of “Loch Ard Gorge”.

London Arch (London Bridge) the best spot

This natural part looks same as the London Bridge. Over the London Arch, you will see the greenery. If you have come by helicopter then your helicopter must be landed on this natural bridge. You should stand on it and feel the fresh air. I ensure you that; you will obviously feel like you are in the heaven. You get the peace by standing on it. Once your heart gets connected with this place, you will come here again and again.


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