Anavar- Winstrol Cycle


Anavar is an anabolic steroid which is similar to testosterone and helps in losing fat, gives lean muscle mass and helps in growth of muscle tissues.Winstrol is also an anabolic steroid with a common name of Stanozolol which helps to burn fat and build muscles. Both Anavar and Winstrol are 17-Alpha Alkylated form of orally bioavailable and synthetic form of testosterone DHT.As the anavar and winstrol only results both seem similar, you may wonder if their cycle would be beneficial. But together they work best for cutting.


Winstrol Dosage

Winstrol is available both in tablet and injection form and one can choose the way you want to take it.

The general dosage of Winstrol for men is 40-100mg per day and 5-15 mg per dayfor women. Winstrol has a short-life of 2 days and hence there is no need to split this dose.

If you are taking the injectable form of Winstrol, you can be taken 50-100 mg per day for a period 5-6 weeks and it is safe to take it till 8 weeks.

In general, the effective dose of Winstrol is 50 mg per day for men and a maximum of 100 mg per day. A dose of 5mg per day is recommended for women.

Anavar dosage

A general dose of Anavar is 10-20mg per day or as prescribed by your physician because the dosage basically depends on the acceptance of your body and your health condition.

In men, a dose of 40-60 mg per day and this should be spilt into 2-4 doses in a day as the short-life of Anavar is 8 hours only. This will help the drug to run in the blood stream for long time and keeps your energy levels up.

The general cycle of Anavar can be between 4-8 weeks and can extend upto 10 weeks, but not beyond that.

Anavar-Winstrol Cycle

You can start with the anavar and winstrol only results, however there is no particular cycle that one can tell. This is because the dose and the results are particular to each person and are different for people.

Also while stacking with Anavar and Winstrol, you should start with a low dose of both drugs and can use 50mg per day for 6 weeks. While using this cycle as well, if you are unable to tolerate the dose, you can always reduce Winstrol to 25 mg while keeping Anavar same because Anavar is much milder than Winstrol

Anavar Winstrol

Week 1:           40mg/day        50 mg/day

Week 2:           40mg/day        50 mg/day

Week 3:           40mg/day        50 mg/day

Week 4:           40mg/day        50 mg/day

Week 5:           40mg/day        50 mg/day

Week 6:           40mg/day        50 mg/day

People even take 25mg of Anavar with 50 mg of Winstrol to save on money which also gives good results. But if you can tolerate and are not worried about money, you can go with 50mg of Anavar and 50 mg of Winstrol while you keep a check on your liver function and cholesterol levels during this particular cycle.