And the first ever Oscar goes too…


It is almost that time of year again when someone in a film you haven’t seen will say, “Of course, it’s just an honour to be nominated…” Yes, it’s the Oscars where all the glitz and glam of Hollywood come together at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles to find out who has won one of the most coveted awards in film. The awards are based on the votes of the “Academy” and what they think has shown Excellence in Cinematography. The statuette, nicknamed “the Oscar” is a solid gold design that has been handed out from the start of the ceremony 91 years ago. It was designed by Cedric Gibbons and sculpted by George Stanley. You were probably expecting one of them to be called Oscar but one of the many stories goes that an Executive director of the show thought it looked like her Uncle Oscar and the nick name stuck. This year’s event is set to be an incredible one so make sure that if you have any issues with your television reception that you contact a TV Aerial Installation Swansea company like

The event started in 1929 where only about 270 people were invited. Each winner got a famous statuette and rather than the results immediately being known and unlike the massively televised show it is today the 15 winners were announced to the media 3 months before the event took place  taking away a lot of the mystery. In another marked contrast the whole awards part of the evening took fifteen minutes which means the host Douglas Fairbanks was banging them out one a minute. The acceptance speeches were limited to a quick “thanks for this”. Obviouslyit wasn’t seen as being that important but public interest meant that the organisers realised that the cinema going public wanted more. The awards announcement was changed to go out the night of the ceremony at eleven o clock. This was fine for years until the Los Angeles Times got hold of the winner’s names prior to the event and published them before kick-off. The Academy decided from 1941 and up to the present day that the winners would be announced on the night and from a sealed envelope.

The first winners don’t seem that keen to turn up in the first place. The winner Emil Jannings got given his award for Best Actor early as he couldn’t attend because he was due in a film in Europe. One of the reasons Jannings got the award was because he had been in so many films. This also was true for Janet Gaynor in the best female category;she got hers for being in three films. For the first six ceremonies you were judged on any films you made in the last two years. As this was the just at the end of the silent era and films were not as long as they are now this was easy to do. After the first six years the academy changed the policy of the awards to one specific performance in one film that you were nominated for over the previous year, the same as we have today.


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