Australia immigration consultants in Delhi and Canada


Reasons to move abroad have always been a dream for many of us and our parents as well, the dream to have a life filled with hopes and ambitions, proper settlement, high package salaries and ease of living have always been incentives right from when we start studying to post work, and one such place we strive to move to is Australia.

We tend to procrastinate when drastic situations unfold before us, we expect everything to flow easily and work through it effortlessly, unfortunately, life is never easy and never will be, however, in this case, we’re lucky to have people sort things out for us, give us advice on what to do and what not to do. Those people are immigration consultants.

We still need to look for such people who are good at their work and are well known to others for their dependability and the Australia immigration consultants in Delhi are among the best. Although they are good at what they do, you need pre-requisites before approaching them, you need to be eligible for factors such as speaking fluently in English and so on and so forth.

Why Australia, though?

Ever since there was a recent change in the immigration policies, Indians have benefitted from the scheme, with three-year visas extending to only $5000 for parents. Children staying in Australia tend to miss out on their personal lives and vice- versa with the parents, that’s when 2017 came out and offered a helping hand. The maximum visa duration extends to about a decade with visa renewals every once in five years, costing up to $20000.  That’s a heavy sigh for both parties, the Australian government and the desis.

If you think this isn’t good enough, wait till you hear this! Parents do not have to work to stay, in the hopes that they manage facilities concerning childcare. This is good news to move to Australia, right? If you don’t agree then you’re just tough to impress.

Other places of interest?

Australia’s not the only sought after place that Indians strive for, there’s even Canada where a steady number of Indians have been growing owing to its insanely sweet Prime Minister and the good people.

Similar to Australia, you need to know how things work in Canada, thankfully, again, we have immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. They specialise in their field uniquely and help to the best of their ability for immigration procedures to flow smoothly.

There’s again a whole tan of reasons why people prefer Canada, aside from the people who make you feel at home, there’s also immense development in education and healthcare, two very important things that need to be state-of-the-art. Also, not to mention the vast beauties it has to offer, it has also been a support to refugees, extending their arms in dire circumstances and in times of distress, which is something that makes us believe in the country as a whole and makes us treat it with respect and dignity all the more making it feel like home.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind in the end:

  • Potential settlement in the above mentioned places
  • Development in various fields such as healthcare and education
  • High packaged salaries and less work stress
  • Dependable governments


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