Basic guidelines for a quality air conditioner maintenance


Home and office owners often do not give enough attention to the maintenance of the air conditioners installed in their buildings. This may be due to a shortage of time or lack of adequate knowledge about the maintenance techniques. No matter what might be the reason, an inefficient or zero maintenance can prove to be expensive. Here are some basic guidelines that you can take into consideration while going for air conditioner maintenance.

How to maintain air conditioners better?

  • Consider cleaning the coils of your air conditioner

The condenser and evaporator coils of your air conditioner gradually accumulate dirt over a specific time duration. This dirt affects the airflow and makes the coils insulated, which reduces their potential of absorbing heat. Similarly, the condenser coils present in the outdoor unit also accumulate dirt and dust over a certain time period. Hence, it is very important to clean the coils of your air conditioner for a good maintenance.

  • Regularly clean your air filters

Checking and cleaning the air filters at regular intervals is very crucial for increasing your air conditioners’ efficiency. You may also consider replacing those air filters if needed at any point in time. Change a single inch pleated filters every once in a month. If you are not sure of the air filter type, you should use, contact your AC maintenance agent. Always keep in mind that the air filters require more frequent care if you use your air conditioners constantly, they are subject to excessive dust, or you’re having pets in your house.  

  • Give attention to coil fins

The aluminum coil fins present on the condenser and evaporator easily get bent. This can block the passage of air through those coils. Hence, checking the coil fins at regular intervals and straightening them is very essential.

  • Remove the unwanted debris present in the unit

The outer unit of your air conditioner can accumulate things such as dust, dirt, leaves, and sticks over time. This, in turn, can reduce the capacity of the system and adversely affect the airflow. Consider checking and removing this debris from your outer unit at regular intervals. Also, trim excessively grown-up plants and shrubs from around the outer unit to prevent leaves and sticks from entering into it and impeding the airflow. Checking and maintaining your air conditioner regularly can save you from the greater damages in the future. Moreover, the cost involved in repairing those damages will be a greater investment in comparison to the cost involved in regular maintenance. Hence, it is essential to pay enough attention to your air conditioner not only when using it but also when taking care of it. This will in return benefit you in the long run.    


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