Basic things to consider before taking studio on a rent


Not every photographer can own their photo studio because in initial days of their career it becomes difficult to afford one.

That is why; most budding photographers look for studio on rent in Delhi where they can work on a daily basis and cover their shoots. But before renting a studio one has to keep in mind certain vital details. Overlooking these minor details can actually create a problem down the line later.

  • The first major thing that one needs to consider is the location of the studio. If the studio is located in a much unknown place then it is not a good idea to take them on a rent. This is because; it will be very difficult for the customers, models or clients to reach those places and so they will not consider going there for getting their work done. This is not good for the career of a photographer. Always choose a studio for a rent which is located in a place which is convenient for everyone to reach. It should be properly connected to all the corners of the city by public transports.
  • One needs to check the insurance of the place as well. You may find the dream place for your studio rent but if the insurance is very high then you may prefer to look elsewhere. This is because; one might not want to pay a premium which will be more that their budget. While many insurance rates are generated based on generalized locations and criteria, if your quotes are particularly expensive they might be high for a reason.
  • Check the parking situation of the place as well. There will be many clients coming with their cars and if they do not get a convenient place to park them then it can be very difficult. So, there has to be a moderate parking area around the place if not just beside the studio.
  • One also needs to check whether they are allowed to remodel the place or not. There are many photo shoot assignments that need some special constructions or set designs and if your studio owner does not allow it then it becomes a difficult situation for you. So you need to make things clear before hiring the space. But yes, something trivial that can hamper the space may not be allowed in any studio on rent.
  • If the photographer needs to shoot in day light within the studio they need to check how much sun light enters the studio and is it sufficient enough to cover the shoot? Also having natural sun light within the studio for a few hours every day is actually a good thing because this will not cause damps on the walls and on the equipments.

Before taking a photo shoot studio rental, one needs to check the number of rooms in there as well. Apart from the shoot room there has to be a proper changing room and wash room for the clients and models who will be shooting here.


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