Beat the Summer with Central Air Conditioning Installation in Brooklyn and Manhattan


As summer approaching, you need to consider setting up an appointment for air conditioning installation to help yourself and your family survive the sweaty days. If you are fed up with fans and window units, it may be time to take central heat and air for a spin.

Apparently, it looks like an expensive affair, but as long as you are particular about shopping, you don’t have to spend an massive amount of money to get started. Once it’s installed, you can choose how much to run it and what precautions you need to adopt to make sure your electric bill does not go through the roof.

One of the most important aspects you need to consider when it comes to central air conditioning installation in Brooklyn is the size and impact of the system. The kind of power you need to run the system depends on how big your house is and how much you think you will be using the unit.

For different climates, requirements will be different. The kind of system suitable for a temperate climate may not be good fit in area like South Florida. Ask the people living near you what kind of system they have and it would give you an idea about how to start thinking about your own.

While looking for assistance for making a decision, you can consider taking your home’s dimensions to a specialist and see what they have to recommend. Naturally, a salesman is going to try to get you to buy a more expensive system than you need, but it can give you an idea and a jumping off point. Be sure to do some research on your own. A considerable amount of research would give you an idea about how much you want to spend, anyway. Give them your budget considerations and they’ll be able to find something that fits your needs.

To save a good amount of money on your central air conditioning installation in Manhattan, you can consider hiring an outside contractor instead of the retailer. This isn’t always the case, however, and sometimes you might miss the special warranties offered by retailer if you do the installing yourself or have another contractor perform the duties. Set your priority and take these aspects into account while making the decision on which way to go.

If you decide to go with an independent contractor, call around and get some quotes. Don’t make the ultimate decision solely on price, however. Be sure to check on each contractor’s reputation in the community and make sure they are delivering a quality service. All these will help you make more informed buying decision.

It usually takes two or three days to install a system if you engage a professional installer to get the job done. They will set about to upgrade the existing ducts because the air conditioning unit pushes a greater volume of air through them than the furnace. You may also need to get a larger furnace blower and new supply registers. These changes will increase the amount of airflow through the system, making it more functional and efficient. For home without a central air conditioning system, installing the ductwork does not call for total destruction of walls. Instead, the ducts are typically installed in the attic floor and run down through closet spaces as much as possible.

For example in a two-story home, the ducts that run along the floor of the attic let cool air enter into rooms on the second floor. The ducts that run through the closet spaces on the second floor lead to ceiling registers in rooms on the first floor. Usually, ducts are small, so they don’t eat up much space even in little closets. In most cases, all the duct work can be done with minimal mess and hassle. The expert will drill a small hole in the ceilings for registers and tear up some closet floors for ducts. For the most part, though, walls and ceilings are left intact. So it seems more of thought should be given to making a choice in terms of size which matters the most in the end.

As with other factors, you should consider the location of doors and windows, amount of insulation, level of sun exposure, and the climate in the area. Any kind of miscalculation about determining the size may often lead to complete shut down of the unit as it becomes clogged with frost. The more common mistake is installing unit that is too big. An oversize unit will make the house cool too quickly and turn off before the air circulation is complete., resulting in high humidity levels in the air, the air will feel cold, but clammy and uncomfortable. The best way to ensure you select the proper size air conditioner is to consult a professional.