Benefits Of Using GB Whatsapp On Your Gadgets


Y’all know about the facets of WhatsApp. Amongst plenty of social media sites, this messaging app is prominent and meant to be choosy for most of the users. Of course, this app provides tons and tons of features people but still looking for massive add-ons. Even you sometimes feel frustrated with limited things. To be a solution for all your issues GBwhatsapp has been introduced in the market. Once after installing gbwhatsapp 3.10 apk, it will let you do various activities on your WhatsApp profile. Say for example when you accidentally have seen someone’s status you decide not to then using this app you can make it unseen. Likewise, several facilities are included under this predominant app to help users outrightly.

Overview of GBwhatsapp:

The GBwhatsapp is an Android app which is a clone of original Whatsapp. However this exclusive hold some changes and inclusion of aspects. The users don’t get any difference while using this application it performs the way alike original one. Foremost reason to grab this apk is that which breaks all the limitations that Whatsapp has. Plus for those who feel bad with some options and navigating patterns discover whole new things here. Stare at below to dig more interesting facets of GBwhatsapp.

Varied features of GBwhatsapp:

Liberated one:

  • In order to get this app, you don’t need to spend a bit of money. This is totally free and included with the features as well you can use this app for free.

Smooth copy and paste:

  • Generally, you long press text to copy and do the same for paste. Unlike that just hold the text then chooses the required function from the list.

Limitless themes:

  • In this app, you will have uncountable themes which are extracted directly from the creator. Thus you can change the themes accordingly in an effortless manner.

Hiding last seen:

  • Really it’s awful when your friends start to text when you were online sometimes. That’s why this app allows users to hide the last seen which none can see at any cost.

Better customization:

  • More than WhatsApp you will have the superb customizing options which never imagined of.


  • To make the app more secured you don’t need to search the concerned app lock system since the app itself has the locking mechanism that no one can stare at your messages.

As image resolution:

  • Due to internet issue, you may require to send an image in the reduced quality. Needless to do such changes anymore once you installed gbwhatsapp 3.10 apk on your device.

Hide blue ticks:

  • Using this exclusive tool you can able to hide the blue tick even after you send any message to the group or individual.

Bottom line:

This clone version of Whatsapp retains several exciting facets. No restrictions will fall at any case simultaneously you have secured conversation anytime and anywhere. Especially it doesn’t make any sorts of issues on your Whatsapp account and performance alike before.  


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