Can You Punch The Renz DTP340A As Fast As You Can?


Technology has found its way into almost all walks of life, so why should the printing and binding industry be any different. When we buy an attractive spirally-bound notebook do we ever wonder who punched through all those pages with so much precision, matching each hole to the next through all sixty or hundred pages? Was it a man or a whole fleet of men with immense patience and passion for punching holes? Well, the answer is actually a machine- the Renz dtp340a.

From a blacksmith shop in Stuttgart to one of the leaders in the punching and binding industry, Christian Renz was a man with a vision. He built a company that combines the precision and quality of German engineering with the innovation and ideas to revolutionise the punching and binding industry, the result –Renz. From basic hand-operated machines to fully automated production systems, Renz has come a long way and is constantly evolving to adapt to the increasing and latest demands of the market. One of its masterpieces is the Renz dtp340a.

The Renz dtp340a is basically a punching machine but one of the fastest in its breed of machines. A desktop portable system, it has almost thrice the speed as compared to any other variety of the same order with a punching output of 36,000 sheets per hour. This heavy-duty puncher is semi-automatic and can also be manually operated by a paddle and can do about 1200 mechanical cycles per hour.  Some of the other notable features of this hard-working puncher are as follows:

  • Having a working width of 340mm, this punching machine provides a wide variety of punching patterns and uses German engineered punching dies for strength and precision.
  • The QSA ( Quick Size Adjustment) technology allows flexibility for different paper formats as the punching pins can be adjusted to suit the paper format without the need for the punching die to be removed
  • Vertical paper loading system allows for quickest die changeover time of 2 minutes
  • The machine comes attached with one free punching die.
  • One can regulate the punched hole margin from 2mm to 4.5 mm with the depth gauge regulation feature.
  • An easy to use control panel is another plus of this machine
  • A large easily removable waste tray at the end of the machine allows for easy cleaning of waste paper.
  • An auto sensor initiates and stops punching as and when the paper is placed in the die or removed respectively.
  • A paper collection tray for the collection of punched paper adds to the accuracy of the punching system

For small to medium sized punching jobs this machine is the ideal choice for optimised output and quick results. It can punch out a sizeable amount of paper sheets all ready for binding. Thus this machine is the lifesaver for book and calendar binders. Weighing at 53kgs with average dimensions of 880x640x380mm this tabletop puncher is a powerhouse with a power requirement of 230V/50-60Hz/300W. So next time you need to punch a lot of holes, turn to Renz for help.


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