Islamic calligraphy is seeing many new innovations, the most striking being Islamic calligraphy canvas frames wherein the material on which the calligraphy is printed or painted is canvas.

Islamic canvas art is a kind of modern Islamic wall art, which is distinct from traditional or classical Islamic wall art.

In the traditional variety, the Arabic text is stitched with a golden thread on a black silk or velvet cloth – the inspiration being the colours of the fabric that covers the Ka’abain Makkah. Classical Islamic wall art also includes colourful wall carpets, mostly handcrafted in Turkey or Kashmir. These carpets are decorated with dense floral patterns and elaborate borders. At the centre of the carpets is a carefully-stitched verse or small chapter from the Holy Quran.

As with all kinds of artwitnessing change thanks to digital technology, Islamic wall art is also usinguse new materials, digital mass printing technologies and ecommerce marketplaces to attract new-age buyers. Two trendsin particular stand out. The first is Islamic wall stickers or decals. These are low-priced wall decals that can be directly pasted to the wall without the need for framing. With the focus only on text, without visual distraction of backgrounds or colours or frames, wall stickers have a minimalist appeal.

The second is a trend we talked about at the start – Islamic calligraphy canvas art. Away from the calligraphy-only focus of wall decals, Islamic calligraphy on canvas usescolours and the texture of canvas to put the focus on the artwork as well as the verses written on it.

Colours are a significant part of wall decoration. The saying ‘add colour to your life’ suggests that a person should live their life with colour, that is with joy, energy and positivity. And therefore colours are believed to brighten up our living spaces. Most people now choose a non-white shade to paint at least one wall each of all the roomsin their house. Many stores that deal in Islamic wall art are applying the effect of colours on Islamic calligraphy.

If you are searching for Islamic calligraphy artonline, you would come across several canvas paintings or printsin different colours of the palette –red, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, orange, pink, magenta, black and many others. Sometimes, a single shade is used, sometimes multiple hues. Generally, the text is of a colour different from that of the backdrop. And yet, despite the plentiful colours, Islamic calligraphy continues to remain the focus of the canvas artworks. Because in the end, it is the calligraphy that people are looking for. Colours are just a tool to attract attention to the calligraphy, they cannot become the focus of the artwork themselves. In Islamic calligraphy,the message is supreme. But still, bright colours, and the artistic canvas texture, can drawattention to Islamic calligraphy canvasart, especially the messagewritten on it. If a work of art in your home draws your attention, you would likely the text and reflect on itsmeaning too.


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