Card to Success: 5 Compelling Ideas To Create an Effective Business Card


While the information that’s on business cards may have undergone a lot of changes, such as substituting phone numbers with Facebook pages, the card itself is still a crucial part of a concrete business strategy.

Sure, you don’t want to waste face-to-face opportunities to establish professional bonds. As with your Facebook page or website, when you’re meeting clients in person, the business card you offer is the first thing they want to see, as well as the impression you’ll leave to them after your first meeting.

Thus, a carefully designed, compelling business card can be a big help in making a good relationship with contacts and bring your business to their doors. Below are the things you should remember when creating a unique business card:

Pop of Colors

There are two choices in making compelling business cards, the matte and glossy. While matte materials can be useful in some instances, glossy business cards are often the better choice. First, the glossy cover makes them more immune to spills, stains, and moisture. What’s more, glossy cards can make colors to pop.

Admittedly, there’s nothing duller than a black and white card on matte paper. Hence, making a switch to a glossy card with full-color printing can immediately upgrade your card and make it more appealing to people.

Caters Prospective Clients

A touch of compassion can go a long way, and a creative business card is a perfect opportunity to cater to client and prospect needs. For your international clients, think of printing business cards in various languages.

If you can’t afford to print a few batches of an individual card for different groups of persona, you can add an interactive piece such as a link to your YouTube video that describes more about your service or product, includes a special offer or coupon code, conversion chart, calendar, and many more.

Use Exclusive Finishes

A prompt way to increase the impact your business card can give to people is to use some special finishes. Generally, you can include finishes such as metallic inks, foil blocking, and spot-UV which will add significant value to your print. What they can offer is the chance to make your card more substantial, visually inspiring and memorable.

However, different printing services offer various options for finishes, so communicate with them to see what they can provide you with, and don’t hesitate to seek for a specialist if your regular printer only offers a straight three-color print

Include QR Codes

Another way to create a good business card is to include a QR Code on it. They indeed offer a neat idea of adding a lot of information on your business cards, without making it look and feel cluttered.

Also, it’s an easy way to build a link between your online and printed content; by scanning the QR code, people will be automatically redirected to your web page. More so, there are a lot of free QR code generators on the internet, so being technological doesn’t usually have to to be costly.

Being Visually Exciting

Most of the time, pictures speak louder than words. It is especially true for business cards. Though you need to have written content on the side of your card, think of saving the other side for something that’s visually interesting. You could probably use the space to show a photo of your product or anything that is related to your business or you can put a company logo on the back of it.

Whatever you do, never leave the back page blank since people are usually flipping the cards to check for the rear content.


It’s true that your business card is usually a potential client’s first connection with your company. You have to interact with them as well as inspire them to find out more information about you and what you offer.

Hence, having a planned and powerful business card will help you gather the attention of your prospective customers. After all, many sites offer a kind of services such as and other web pages online for some reference and ideas.