Charles and Camilla Looking for New Sous Chef


If you recently went for the job of sous chef at the Prince of Wales’ home and are still holding your breath for the opportunity to cook for His Royal Highness, then the chances are that you share a passion for food with the many other applicants. He and the Duchess of Cornwall have been patiently waiting for more than six months for the right candidate – but you will need to know much more than your way around the kitchen to be considered for this very special position!

What Does s Sous Chef Do?

The word ‘sous’ is French and literally translates as ‘beneath’, so this individual works under the supervision of a head chef and makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the kitchen – for instance, by making sure that preparation work is completed on time and enforcing food safety regulations. In the absence of the head chef, the sous chef is in charge of the kitchen. See for a more extensive job description.

What to Expect from a Royal Post

In the case of Charles and Camilla’s open post, the selected professional will be required to prepare organic food and maintain a high standard of both meals and hygiene, working 40 hours a week and being able to travel with the couple while they perform their royal duties. Unsurprisingly, the salary has not been disclosed, but a sous chef earns on average £27,000 per year.

Cooking in a royal kitchen and planning meals for the heir to the throne is quite a surreal idea to process. Imagine all of the private functions you would get the opportunity to attend and all of the different characters you might have the chance to encounter!

Equipment to Accompany an Elegant Event

When picturing an event held by the son of the Queen of England, all sorts of high-class items pop into our minds. That said, any event catering for a large number of guests will need some basic catering equipment, whether they are serving important people or Very Important People. These will include commercial cookers, Counter Refrigeration from and industrial dishwashers, not to mention the glassware, china and cutlery.

Whether you get the opportunity to cook for the famous couple or not, we wish you every success in your next culinary feat.


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