Choose 3D Printing Companies for Fast Growth of Investment


One of the latest horizons of technological advancement is 3D printing. Using computers and 3D models, we create objects from drawings using the 3D printing technology. The scope of this type of printing is enormous since you can print cars as easily as you can print rice. Only the ingredients you use for printing changes.

Working Method of 3D Printing

It works like this. The entire object is turned into thousands of tiny pieces. These are called slices. The process builds these slices piece by tiny piece until the whole thing is assembled. The first model is called the prototype. From this, the manufacturer can make the rest of the objects as needed. You can get more details from the new 3D printing companies in United States.

Types of 3D Printers and Companies

This is an area of interest for the investors as there is tremendous scope for making money. One of the ways is to let your 3D printer out for rent. This allows entrepreneurs to make new things. You get the rent for allowing them to use your 3D machine. The second way to make money is to make objects using your machine. This is more difficult but you make more money this way. Some of the top 3D printer models are given below:

  1. Zortrax M200
  2. Witbox 2
  3. Form 2
  4. Da Vinci Jr 1.0
  5. Liquid Crystal 10

Investing in a 3D printer could make you money. You must have the infrastructure to build the things that are in demand. If you do not want to invest in a 3D printer, there are the 3D companies in which you could invest. Here is the list:

  1. ExOne
  2. Nano Dimension
  3. 3D Systems
  4. HP Inc.
  5. Materialise NV

Materialise NV has a market cap of $584.26 million. They have 25 years’ experience in providing services related to software and 3D printing. They have developed the Additive Manufacturing (AM) that finds use for 3D printing. ExOne came into existence in 2005 making and selling 3D printing machines to users along with the products made by 3D printing. Using the technology developed at MIT called the Binder Jetting technique they make complicated parts using industry grade materials. They have a market cap of $103.94 million.

Market cap of various companies

Nano Dimension helps develop ink products through its 3D printing solutions. They have a market cap of $25.64 million. Using this service, you can print multilayer circuit boards within hours. 3D Systems is one of the biggest players with a market cap of $1.42 billion. It provides print material and part service along with the 3D printer.

It is worthwhile investing in the 3D printing companies in United States because of the sheer innovations possible. There is always need for making new things and this is one of the easiest ways of making them.

While procurement teams wait for the survey teams to give the results, the development teams are busy nurturing the ones that are not yet ready for the market but have the potential. Waiting is important since this will add value to the company and so you will get good returns on your investment.