Common mistakes to avoid while playing Thailand lottery


Many people can win the lottery, and there are many other people who just dream about it. Buying and getting a lottery ticket is easy as you can get it from any store near you. It’s fun to play the Thailand lottery with a chance to win a major payoff. But there are certain bad habits and practices that most of the Thailand lottery players make. These common mistakes cost you ticket money, frustration, time and sometimes a lot of money that you waste on buying several tickets. Below are some of the mistakes that you should take into notice and avoid putting them into practice:

Wrong lottery games

Have you ever considered which lottery games you should play? How much is the winning prize? What is the impact of the winning prize of your life? So it is important that you answer these questions and then accordingly make a choice. Choose the right type of lottery game system like the Thailand lottery. You can go for a smaller game that has a smaller winning prize suiting your purpose, or you can opt for huge multi-state games that will win you a huge multi-million dollar payoff.

Picking your birth-date as your lottery number

There are many people who choose birthday figures as Thailand lottery number picks. It could be your children’s birthday or your anniversary date or your husband’s birthday. But just by merely relying on these numbers is a very bad move. By choosing lottery numbers based on these significant dates, you restrict yourself to make choices based on the number of days in a month. In a way, you are limited to numbers that fall in the range of 1 to 31. So because of this limit, you positively lose out on the other possible combinations of numbers and have a decreased chance of having your number as the winning combination by almost 97%.

Play little and not too much

After deciding which game system is best for you, it is wise to make a budget of what you can afford to play and what you are not comfortable with playing. It is important that you spend small amounts like you normally might spend on getting coffees or other treats. Don’t over-spend and pay over your budget to get the lottery ticket as this will hamper your budget for your family and other activities. Buy the lottery ticket under certain limit and budget. Always play little and not too much of lottery.

Use of faulty systems, data, arithmetic

There are many systems that advertise a lot about themselves, but when you get to know about it, then you realized that there are many procedures in their system to buy the ticket. Then in these cases, there are chances that you may lose interest. Use the lottery systems like the Thailand lottery system that has little or no work on your part and are easy to operate and use.



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