Detox Teas, Gym Equipment and How They Accelerate Weight Loss Process


Celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models etc. are all advocating for the use of diet shakes for weight loss. Of late, there has been a growing trend in the use of detox teas. Social media platforms, especially Instagram is filled with posts and hashtags about how detox teas can help to burn body fat and promote the development of lean muscles as well as well-toned bodies. The detox teas are touted as dramatic weight loss products that provide rapid and long-lasting weight loss results. Potential consumers are always convinced that these “miracle workers” for weight loss don’t need a workout routine. All you need is to consume it and expect a well-toned body with abs and lean muscles.

Although the brands that formulate these detox teas clearly indicate that a user needs to have a proper diet plan, there is a massive hysteria about the abilities of these teatox. Note that clinical research studies conducted on these teas show that they only provide limited weight loss results. There are a lot of misconceptions about detox teas. First, note that drinking detox teas will not provide massive weight loss results as what most people are made to believe. Teatox, just like diet shakes should be drank in moderation.

The effect of a teatox normally depends on the ingredients which are used to formulate it. Apart from that, the amount of the detox tea that you are consuming greatly matters. Lastly, your lifestyle and diet play a crucial role in determining how much weight you’re going to lose. Detox teas also provide consumers with antioxidant benefits. They are diuretic beverages help to reduce water weight and eliminate wastes as well as toxins from the body.

However, the effects of teatox can be more amplified if it’s combined with a good workout routine. Weightlifting offers a better way of toning the body and develop lean muscles. Cardio exercises help to accelerate the rate of metabolism and also promote weight loss. To speed up the weight loss process, you can get a gym equipment for your home.

Gym Equipment and Cardio Workout

A moderate or high-intensity workout that ranges from 30 to 45 minutes at least three times a week can quickly help to promote the development of lean muscles. The best exercises that can effectively lead to weight loss using home gym equipment include:


This gym equipment is the best device which you can use to tone your hamstrings, butt and inner thighs. Climbers simply imitate the act of climbing a limitless number of stairs. The best thing about this machine is that you can change the speed, difficulty and also the climbing slope.


This gym equipment is used for running or walking but just the comfort of your home or room. Treadmills help to activate the body. Besides that, they play a significant role in reducing belly fat. The great thing about the use of a treadmill is that you can change the intervals of the workout. Furthermore, you can place this machine in front of a TV or laptop and workout as you entertain yourself. Note that using the treadmill five times a week for just 30 minutes can effectively burn the stubborn belly fat.

The Rowing Machine

You cannot attain a well-toned body if you are struggling with belly fat. The rowing machine is the perfect gym equipment that works out the whole body. It promotes cardio and involves nearly all the muscles.

Benefits of Doing Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are the best for health, fitness, and burning of extra calories. Apart from aiding weight loss, this type of workout program provides a wide range of cardiovascular benefits. You can do a moderate cardio exercise for up to 45 minutes, five days per week. On the other hand, you can opt for a vigorous exercise that lasts for 20 minutes for three days weekly. Overall, cardio exercises provide benefits such as:

  • Enhancing the heart health and organ function.
  • Improving the bone density.
  • It boosts the confidence level and improves moods.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers.
  • Promotes better sleeping pattern and reduces stress.
  • Improves physical endurance.
  • Increases the energy levels in the body.

Final Thoughts

Overall, diet shakes and detox teas are important for weight loss. They contain ingredients which help to accelerate the burning of stored fat. Besides that, they also help to curb hunger by reducing food cravings and promoting the feeling of fullness which can last for hours. Detox teas, for instance, help to cleanse the body, detoxify toxins, and improve the process of digestion as well as nutrients absorption. Note that all these aspects are essential for an effective process weight loss. However, dieters cannot be able to fully experience significant weight loss using teatox alone. A well-toned body requires users who consume the detox teas to use it in conjunction with cardio exercises.


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