Different Kinds of Bone Marrow Transplant


India has many multispecialty hospitals, especially in all the major towns. The support infrastructure is splendid giving rise to the much scope for first-class treatment for most of the major medical conditions. So much so, the patients come from the US and UK to India for treatment since the cost will work out to a fraction of what it costs there. The cost of the shunt treatment for hydrocephalus averages $5,800 in India, while the same costs $9,700 in the US.

Need for bone marrow transplant

We give bone marrow transplant to those whose healthy bone marrow cancer has destroyed. Before the transplant, the patient has radiation and chemotherapy to destroy the cancer cells. This may occur as an ablative treatment that also kills all the healthy stem cells that remain. This allows new stem cells to grow in the bone marrow. People who have a health problem or elderly people receive a low-intensity radiation and chemotherapy. You can take the advice of the bone marrow transplant doctors India before the treatment about the diet and medication for the patient.

Different types of bone marrow transplant

You will have one of the three types of bone transplants. One is the autologous bone transplant in which the bone cells we take from the patient. They store the stem cells in a freezer and wait for the chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Then, your stem cells we put back into your body. We call this type of transplant as rescue transplant.

The next is the allogeneic bone marrow transplant. Here you get the stem cells from another person who we call the donor. You must have at least a partial match between the donor stem cells and those of the patient. Testing takes place to make sure that you have a match. The best match is your family, your father, your mother, and siblings. At times, strangers may have a good match.

The third is the umbilical cord transplant. The stem cells, in this case, we take from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby as soon as it is born. These stem cells remain frozen for future use. You will get the needed blood count from this type of transplant only after a long time due to the smaller number of stem cells.

Methods for harvesting the stem cells

You may collect the stem cells from the donor by either doing a bone marrow harvest or a leukapheresis. In the first, the donor remains under general anaesthesia and they remove the bone marrow from the back of both hip bones. During the process, the patient is asleep and will not feel any pain. You can ask the bone marrow transplant specialist India for more advice in this regard.

In the second process, the donor receives shots that move the stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood. Now, they use an IV line to remove the blood that has the stem cells. The white blood cells that contain the stem cells remain separated by a machine and the red blood cells we return back to the donor.


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