Different Types of Domestic Inverters


The domestic inverter is the type of inverters that are used for running the household appliances. These are available in different load capacities. Depending on the output system, there are three types of domestic inverters- the pure sine wave, the square wave and the modified-sine wave inverters. The pure sine wave inverters are the most expensive one of the lot. Today, you will know about these different kinds of domestic inverters you can buy for your house.

  1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter

This is a bit expensive than any other domestic inverter, but you will pay for the right product. This inverter consumes less power and therefore generates lesser heat. This ensures the longevity of the product. If you want continuous power supply and store medical equipment or medicines, pure sine wave inverter is the best thing you can buy. As the inverter is capable of supplying high-quality power, it is good for the sensitive household appliances. Once you buy a pure sine wave inverter, you don’t need to spend much on the maintenance cost. The durability of the device is really commendable.

  1. Square Wave Inverter

Square wave inverter is one of the simplest inverters which can convert a straight DC signal into a phase shifting AC signal. It comes with a DC source, the load, and four switches. These switches are semiconductors or power that can carry a large portion of current and also withstand high voltage. These switches can be turned off and on in proper sequence within a right frequency. You can buy square wave inverters as those are the least expensive, but it produces low-quality power and not compatible to run high voltage appliances in your household.

  1. Modified Sine Wave Inverter

This is not as simple as a square inverter and also not that much complex like pure sine wave inverter. If you are looking for an inverter that is not pricy like a pure sine wave and serves you better than a square wave, this is the inverter you want for your house. Such inverter comes with three voltage levels, high, low and zero and there is also a dead zone between the high and low voltage pulses. To run the electrical devices in your house, modified sine wave inverter can serve you well. This is also the most common type of inverter, available at the market. If you buy one, it can be used to run motors and micro oven perfectly. Also, it is good for reducing the electrical noise from fluorescent lights, fans, TV, audio amplifiers, game consoles, answering machine and fax. Besides these, it can also prevent sudden crashes in computer and glitches and noise in the monitors.

These are the best types of inverters you can buy for your household. Buy which one suits you the most. If you want a product that serves well and not that much expensive, go for modified wave inverters. But, it is true that the pure sine wave inverters are the best of the type.


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