Different Types of Guttering


Guttering is the process of building gutters for the collection and channelizing rain water. Plastic or metal channels are fixed to the corners of the roof of the buildings in which the water is drained. It is a crucial part of the roofing system. Gutters collect rain water in an efficient manner and adds to the way your house looks like.

Different Types of Guttering

#1.Round Guttering or Half Round Guttering – As the name suggests, this kind of gutters are either in the shape of a circle or a semi-circle. These kinds of gutter do not require high maintenance and come with easy self-cleaning with the help of additional appliances. It is easy to install and has a good flowing capacity. The seals in them are pre-lubricated. These gutters can easily be attached to other metal and plastic system.

#2.Box Guttering – This specific kind of guttering is useful for those who do not want gutters to be visible on their roof. These are fitted on the edge of the roof or in the middle. Expensive materials like colorbond or stainless steel are used for these kinds of gutters. To prevent blockage of water, an emergency overflow is fitted on top of the box gutter. If the overflow is not installed, the water might fill up the roof which is not something you would want.

#3. Quad Guttering or D Guttering – These kinds of gutters are the most popular ones among all. These gutters can be used with the already installed gutters. These are built from materials like galvanised steel, stainless steel, Coloron, or linoleum. D guttering is made in a lot of shapes and sizes. These gutters are useful in areas of high rainfall because of their ability to drain water easily.

#4. Fascia Guttering or Eaves Guttering – This kind of gutter eliminates the need for installation of metal or timber fascia separately. Fascia gutters are gutters with fascia.

#5. K-styled guttering – These gutters look rich and sophisticated and are unique in terms of design. As the name suggests, these gutters are curved from both the bottom and the top. K-styled gutters can hold more water as compared to round gutters. They are strong, durable, and have a seamless finish.

#6. Square Guttering – These are square in shape and can store more water as compared to the others. They are rounded from the edge and can be used in any residential house.

#7. European Guttering – These are like round gutters in shape and they are different to the round gutters only because of the bead which faces outward. These are made from materials which are resistant to water.

Different Materials Used for Gutters:

#1.Copper – Copper gutters are expensive as compared to other materials, but they do not require painting. They are weather resistant and is a strong material.

#2.Vinyl – These are the cheapest of all the options offered. Since, this guttering is not made of metal, it does not rust and lasts for a longer time. The only disadvantage of this gutter is that it gets affected by sun easily.

#3. Aluminium – This material is easy to work with and is corrosion free. They come in different colors and are the most popular gutter material available.

#4. Stainless Steel – This kind of gutters are coated with zinc which means they are long lasting. These can last for a long-time and are available easily in the market. They do not break easily with proper care. The only disadvantage of this gutter is that they can rust over time.

Thus, Guttering is of prime importance since they not only collect and channelize rain water but also add to the way your house looks. The factors listed should be taken care of before deciding which gutter suits your needs.


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