Do Pain Killers Cause Back Pain?

Do Pain Killers Cause Back Pain

Whoever experience pain tends to look for something that will ease the feeling. Nobody loves the feeling of pain unless you are a masochist. It is uneasy and uncomfortable especially if you are in the middle of something. Pain can be caused by various reasons but also there are many ways to ease or prevent it. One of the many ways to prevent pain is Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Back Decompression Belt and you can check the product here. But have you ever thought if it is possible that as you try to kill the pain the more it gets worse?

One of the most common pains that are experienced is back pains. If you seated for hours or slept in a wrong position, you most likely experience back pain. This is very common with job-related conditions and age. When you reached the age of 20s which is the time where you start to work, you will start to experience back pains. There is nothing much alarming about back pains. The important thing to consider is if you experience other symptoms such as nausea, fever, etc, then that is the time you should visit the doctor. Back pain is common and normal.

Remedies for Back Pain:

  • Exercise

There are many exercise routines that can either ease back pain or prevent it from being developed. The effective workout routines for back pain are core muscle exercises. This is an accessible and beneficial way to cure back pain. This is also advantageous for people who suffer from back pain if the cause is obesity. It is like catching two birds with one stone. While losing weight, back pain is also being cured.

  • Hot/cold compress

Just a disclaimer before you put a hot or cold compress on your back pain, this may not work in all case. Studies say that hot compress is more efficient to use hot compress rather than cold compress. But also, some people claim that cold compress works for their back pain. They both provide a soothing feeling.

  • Have a good rest/sleep

You can rest and sleep the pain if it is there. Although sometimes the pain is the reason for sleepless nights, you can do the tips above before to lessen the pain and once it subsides, you can sleep then. Just make sure to sleep in your most comfortable position and use as many pillows as your body demands.

  • Pain killers

This may be one of the most effective remedies for back pain yet this needs a recommendation from professionals like doctors first. Pain killers can ease back pain quickly but the effect may last not that long. It can also have side effects. That is why you should ask your doctor first before intake.

To answer the question, do pain killers really cause back pain, is not necessarily yes and not necessarily no. Pain killers do actually help in easing the pain, or any pain except for pregnant women. Back pain is very common in pregnancy especially during the last semester but taking pain killer is not an option to consider. This can cause harm to the baby or worse is miscarriage. For pregnant women, you can do other options as exercise or sleep the pain away. Also, back pain for pregnant women is usually tolerable except if it during the labor and you are about to give birth. So you should be most of the time fine. Here is a list of pain killers that can help with back pain:

1. Tylenol

This will work if the pain is just mild. You can buy this over the counter and no need for doctor’s prescription. This pain killer supplement may be very accessible to buy but it does not necessarily mean that it is okay to take whatever the case is. Even though Tylenol does not need a prescription in the pharmacy, you should still ask your doctor if in your case it is okay to take it.

2. Aspirin/Ibuprofen

This one also is an over the counter medicine which means it does not need a prescription if you are going to buy it. This helps in easing the pain in the muscle and it also fights inflammation. The downside of Aspirin is that it can cause digestive problems and heart problems so again, you should also ask your doctor first before intake.

3. Opioid

This is a common prescription for people who suffer from low back pain whether it is caused by anything that is not associated with cancer. This can cause dizziness and hypnotism because this drug is also used as antidepressants.

Pain killers are convenient remedies for back pain because it can result in an instant loss of the pain. But also, it is very important to ask your doctor first before taking these drugs because it has side effects that may be not good for your condition.


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