Does the unlock codes for Galaxy S7 work?


Whenever Samsung launches a brand new smartphone, within no times, it becomes a rage among the phone owners. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 was no different. Within less time-span, it went on to become a craze among the smartphone lovers.

The phone’s design is quite similar to the S6 model and comes embedded with advanced features that will never put you down. It offers internal space of 32 GB and fingerprint magnet technology. It’s improved, and sleek design is quite remarkable. The phone comes with a great screen style and smart power features. The camera is also superb capable. Its operating system is Android Oreo – the latest one. In short, Samsung Galaxy S7 is a must-have phone over its predecessor, the S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7 weights 152 g, comes in screen size of 5.1 inches and offers a resolution of 1440X2560. Its CPU is Exynos 8890 & Snapdragon 820 and provides a RAM of 4 GB. The battery comes with 3000 mAh, and the cameras are of 5MP (front camera) and 12MP (rear camera).

The smartphone offers a clean look and offers earpiece grille that’s color-coded. It has secondary metal pieces embedded in its designer body. It’s a phone that you easily grip, unlike other smartphones. It has the soft, sloppy edge and rounded ends that lead to a comfortable hold.

Although this phone offers various features, it has got one big drawback – it comes locked. You can’t use another carrier with the phone for the next one year. You have to use all the apps in sync with that carrier without making any change. It can be inconvenient and costly affair when you have to travel abroad with this device.

Although you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 AT&T, for that you will have to request the carrier’s customer care executive.

Process to Unlock your Phone

There is a valid reason why Samsung company offers its buyers the locked phones. They sell the phones at a discount range, therefore they want that the owner should use it for at least one year and should not sell it to someone else before the given time period expires. Although this reason is valid, but at times is really inconvenient for the buyers especially if they have plans of visiting the other countries for a longer time-period.

However, there exists various ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 t mobile. One of the ways goes like this:

Dial the USSD code #06# to know your handset’s IMEI number. Then contact the carrier’s customer care executive and tell him that you wish to get the carrier’s unlock code. In case, he agrees to do so inform him the phone’s IMEI number and you will have to wait 3-4 days minimum to get that unlock code.

When you have received the code, remove the original carrier from the phone and insert another service provider’s carrier. Then, type the unlock code to successfully complete the process.

In case, the customer care executive doesn’t agree to do it for free, you will have to pay him certain fees to get the code.


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