Dog Adoption- 5 Things You Must Be Aware Of!


When thinking of dog adoption, is it you who’s saving the pet or is it the other way round? Well, there’s no denying that the act of adopting a pet is favoured more as compared to going to a breeder or pet store and buying one.

With countless pets in search of adoring forever homes, it makes more sense that way! Not to mention the feeling you get when adopting one, especially if you’re amiable enough to go for an older dog instead of its younger counterpart.

Nonetheless, this is just not it; there’s more to dog adoption that you might be aware of. For beginners, did you know pets in shelters are way healthier than those you buy from a breeder or pet store?

In this article, we’ll walk you through 5 things that’ll make you run off your feet to adoption centres in order to meet your potential match. Simply ensure you’ve got the space, resources and more importantly time to give the dog its first forever home.

Are you on the fence? Well, you need not worry, because most of the dog shelters have professionals who’d talk you through the responsibilities that come with a pet and help you come to a decision whether owning a pet is the right thing or not and the type of breed that’d be the best.

Shelter Dogs Are Healthier andNewly Treated By Veterinarian

Almost every shelter dog is up for grabs after they’ve been groomed well and given a clean slate by the vet, and at times, only after enduring a specific training period.

You’ll be given a complete update about their present health condition along with the medical records. On the other hand, pet stores and breeders don’t really follow the protocols that are best for the pet’s care and you might not be sure of their present state – or hereditary makers.

Well, when it comes to hereditary makers, it’s the same with pets in the shelter. But, that’s solely because they’ve been rescued and their reports do not exist. In certain cases, breeders or pet stores are infamous for bad hygiene of pets.

Freebies Are Given During Dog Adoption

Well, this varies from one adoption centre to another. Yet, it’s quite normal to receive some free check-ups along with complimentary spaying or training courses. Whilst the bonus and expense must not be at the heart of the entire process, it surely is a plus side to think of.

Grown-up Dogs Are Well-Trained and Calmer

Most of you may keep away from adopting older dogs, simply because of the cuteness of their younger counterparts or the experience of seeing them grow old.

Grown-up dogs, although, are untouched gems. Most of them are trained beforehand, which frees you from undergoing the potty training process. These dogs are quite relaxed, laid back and often the best for those who don’t have the time and energy to be with them all the time.

Shelter Dogs Make the Ideal Therapy Buddies

Are you in search for someone who’ll provide you mental as well as emotional support? If that’s the case, look no further because shelter pets are just the right partner!

These dogs have already been with various kinds of people and pets, are habituated to nerve-racking circumstances and are willing to be with someone whom they can support and give unconditional love. Their experience and nature makes them the ideal therapy buddy.

Specific Breeds with Unusual Traits Can Be Found

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have a French bulldog or Otterhound your whole life and think they can’t be found in shelter homes, right? To tell you the truth, that’s not the case! In fact, shelter homes are one such place where you’ll come across several uncommon breeds and might also be able to register yourself in the wait list to get notified.

But, bear in mind, the dog you’ll fall in love with wouldn’t exactly look the same as what you had in mind. So, visit adoption centres and interact with pets to get the best match as per your needs. Always keep your mind open!

Dog adoption brings with it a massive responsibility, although, there’s a kind of dog for everyone. They demand loads of attention and time when compared to other animals.

Every type of pet can be costly, so it’s essential to schedule daily visits to the vet. However, by adopting a dog from shelter home, you’re not just saving yourself some cash, but also doing some good in the humankind!


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