Essential tips to maintain air conditioners


Being highly expensive, the portable air conditioners demand proper care and regular maintenance to show proper functionality for a long time. If you do not properly maintain the portable air conditioners, it can lose its efficacy to a certain extent every year. You can also opt for the annual service programs where you will be notified by  aircon service contractors  itself of when the next servicing of your air conditioner has been scheduled.

Although these check-up sessions, do not guarantee any proper running of your machine for a long time they certainly figure out the major problems that eventually lead to bigger problems in future if not detected on time. Some of the systems that are important to keep a check in the portable air conditioners running for a long time without any problems include:

Cleaning of the condensing unit coils and checking the adjustability of the belts and the operating belt system is among the most important things that you need to keep a check when it comes to maintaining the portable air conditioners. Numerous other things need regular checkup as well, and they include cleaning the cabinet dirt, inspecting the refrigerant level, inspecting the coil and cabinet, inspecting the fan motor and fan blades along with the lubrication, inspecting the compressor and related tubing, etc.

Some essential tips to keep in mind
You must be careful about switching the portable air conditioners to ensure that the external condensing unit is not veiled. The condenser unit of the air conditioner draws air into the cooling system from outside and circulates within to make it cool and transfer it inside. If you cover the condenser unit with an outside covering, the entire process can hinder, and the system will not be able to pull inside enough air from outside.

Make sure to check if you have set the thermostat in the cooling mode because most people don’t do that. Make sure to uncover your external condenser unit even during winters and rains before switching the system on to get beneficial results. Make sure to check the filters or have the aircon service  and see if they have been blocked. It is important to clean the filters every once in a while with the help of a vacuum cleaner and remove all the dust and wash it with warm detergent water.

It is important to keep the air conditioner clean if you want to enjoy cool breeze every month of the year. It is important to note that cleaning the condenser with water is dangerous because it can get you electric shocks and other problems. It is important always to keep the air comercial  conditioners maintained with the help of qualified servicemen and repairmen if you want a long lasting performance from your system.


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