Everything You Need to Know About Industrial Shelving


If you have a warehousing or storage facility on your premises, you may already have industrial shelving but be looking to replace it or extend it to create more space.

What Are the Benefits of Industrial Shelving?

Industrial shelving allows your stock to be stored safely, maximises your available space and ensures that your stock is stored in an order which facilitates ease of picking. This, in turn, can make the process of order fulfilment more efficient. Because stock is stored safely and not lying around on the floor, it also means that your premises will be safer, as there are likely to fewer slips, trips and falls.

The Health & Safety Executive provides guidance to businesses about how to keep warehousing and storage facilities safe and ensure that they are meeting their mandatory obligations.

What Types of Shelving Are Available?

Pallet racking is one of the most common types of industrial shelving that warehouses and storage facilities install. It is designed to allow you to easily store pallets using a forklift truck, or pallet wheels at a lower level, and maximises the height of your storage facility. It is generally easy to install as well as extend or move if needed. For smaller items or where space is limited, free-standing shelving units might be the answer. They are widely available in a variety of sizes and with different shelf types depending on what you’re planning to store on them. They are commonly used in small workshops, offices and retail outlets and often in residential homes, garages and workshops.

Longspan shelving can be used free-standing or attached at lower levels to your pallet racking. They can generally take heavier loads than standard free-standing shelving, and their modular nature means that they can be configured in the best way to suit your premises.

Many warehouse and storage facilities use a combination of all three types of shelving to fully maximise and organise the space that is available.

If you’re looking for industrial shelving in Ireland, companies such as Rackzone can advise you on the types of product available and the best solutions for you.

So whether you’re starting from scratch, updating damaged shelving or adding additional storage, industrial shelving can help to improve your business’s efficiency while keeping employees and visitors safe.


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