Experience the optimistic traits of Turinabol


Turinabol, also known as Oral Turinabol or Tbol is a modified version of Dianabol. It is a combination of the chemical structure of Clostebol and Dianabol. This makes the steroid a very powerful anabolic compound with a low androgenic rating, and therefore, it is nicknamed, “mild Dianabol”. This steroid was revered by the medical practitioners for its ability to separate the anabolic and the androgenic effects. Due to this, it is often compared to compounds like Anavar and Primobolan and its medical use is not limited to adults but used in children and women too. Medically, it was prescribed for different ailments such as wasting disorders and for the promotion of bone mass and strength.

Functionally, the traits of this anabolic compound are very simple. Like most of the anabolic steroids, it has a positive effect on the nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and increases in red blood cells count. These traits enhance the anabolic activities of the compound. Protein synthesis determines the rate at which protein is built. A higher nitrogen retention rate promotes greater favorable anabolic atmosphere. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the blood and therefore, more red blood cells indicate more muscular endurance. All these traits are tremendously beneficial to the performance-enhancing bodybuilders using Tbol steroids.

Dosages and Administration

This compound has an anabolic rating of 53 and an androgenic rating of 6, making it a perfect one to compare the gains and the side effects. Due to its low androgenic rating, the side effects such as acne, aggression are rare. Compared to Dianabol, it is a weaker anabolic compound. The anabolic rating of this drug is roughly half of testosterone so the dosages of 40-60 mg are advised to start with. If the dosages are increased to 80-100 mg daily, bodybuilders report about various side effects even though the gains remain constant. The medical doses are 5-10 mg daily and are given to patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases.

The medical doses for the females begin with 1 mg daily and can exceed to 2.5 mg daily. The doses for the beginners are recommended 30-40 mg daily and for the intermediate users, the doses are 50-80 mg daily. Advanced professional bodybuilders use doses of 80-100 mg daily with some forums report doses of 150 mg used daily. Extreme doses cause side effects and androgens are used for better gains. The female doses of this steroid are between 5-10 mg daily. The half-life of this compound is 16 hours. This is quite long compared to other androgens whose half-life is 4.5-6 hours which is why the doses are split twice a day.

Effective cycles

This compound is stacked with other anabolics because it is a mild steroid and lowers the testosterone levels naturally in the users. It is not highly anabolic and androgenic but relatively a mild steroid. The bodybuilders using Tbol steroids use it in their cutting phase and during pre-contest. The oral cycles are run alone between 40-60 mg daily dosages for 6 to 8 weeks. This gives strength gain and muscle mass when a user is in a calorie deficit period. Advanced users stack testosterone for synergistic effects. Test Propionate is injected every alternate day with Tbol 60 mg daily for 8 weeks for excellent lean muscle mass.


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