Falling In Love With The Best Jewelry


Do you know when you fell in love? Your love story is exceptional. There is one thing which you wish to wear daily that exhibits love. Krikawa Jewelry has a background of art and design. We have designed rings one at a tome and we will make it possible for you. The love is exceptional and ring has to be unique. You need to opt for an engagement ring which exhibits the awesome beauty of flowers made with valuable metals and stones of your liking.

Intricate designs

  • You may go through the collection and get in touch with us for the design of your liking.
  • There is a splendid engagement ring which has a nice rose blossom with a center diamond or a gemstone.
  • A nice rose blooms from a brand which has 2.5 mm round diamonds. It has lovely engravings. The ring has a nice solitaire.
  • The mounting and roses can be present in various metals of your liking.

The flower engagement ring has got wonderful poppies and daisies on both the sides. One can have a personalized choice of nice color sapphires and diamonds. There is the awesome floral bouquet rope shank. This is a beautifully shaped ring and has got a twisted shape and garden of flowers.

Then comes the lovely floral bouquet marquise which is in is the shape of a bouquet of flowers and is consider a ring for romance.

Exceptional designs

  • Mokume Rose Blossom which has a rose gold blossom in the center stone and is beautifully hand crafted.
  • A nice daisy engulfs the center stone with this amazing ring with a valuable metal band. It is handmade.
  • One’s live is considered exceptional and full of compassion.

The roots, branches and trees have been made to the minutest detail and has a nice center stone. One can opt for valuable metals and design the Krikawa’s custom process which is brilliant. Every ring is made by hand.

The branches move out of this band and make a bezel so as to cradle the solitaire stone.

There is the unique tree branch type which has drawn inspiration from Tree of life series. It is a wonderful piece that has curved branches for the stone.
One can try the Tree of life engagement ring which has an exceptional design.

There is the tree of life with roots which has got tangled roots and is handmade with stones and metals that you may opt for.

They can provide you the best synthetic sapphires from Chatham which is a reputed leader in making gemstones. A chatham sapphire is developed in a nice environment. The crystal grow in the time duration and the time duration on the gemstone.

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