Five reasons to Embrace Laboratory Automation


Do you have mixed feelings or a hard time understanding the benefits of laboratory automation and robotics systems in healthcare?  You will want to know the worth of laboratory automation before you throw you weight in its favor. This post will help you make an informed decision. Discussed below are five reasons you will want to embrace laboratory automation in this digital age.

Increase your efficiency

Take advantage of the available and proven expertise in the development and production of measuring instruments and automation and robotics systems, combining them with all-in-one solutions for defined workflows and / or implementation of modules Automation systems for specific laboratory processes. You will minimize the risk of human error, save valuable work time and eliminate potential hazards for operators by employing robotics systems for your tasks.

Precise and fast sample preparation

The modular sample processor facilitates automated sample preparation steps prior to analysis. Tedious manual tasks such as pipetting, sampling, dosing and weighing can be easily automated for a wide range of volumes and many different types of samples, including petrochemicals, chemicals, Home, the environment and pharmaceuticals.

Reduce the cost of analyzing your sample

A comparison with manual and semi-automatic procedures shows that laboratory automation solutions platform reduce costs by 66% analysis. This ensures maximum return on investment and optimal use of your laboratory infrastructure. You can reduce the cost of sample analysis with appropriate laboratory automated tools.

Maximum guaranteed availability

Laboratory automated solutions are designed to eliminate any interruption in the entire workflow and workload. If one module requires maintenance, the others support its workload. Only robotics and state-of-the-art control equipment are integrated into the solutions to ensure maximum uptime and spare parts availability over ten years.

Track laboratory workflow in one click                         

Laboratory automation and Robotics systems manage and control the entire workflow and is an intuitive user interface with an attractive design for your operators. Many efficient tools and software are used for communication with your laboratory computer system.

From the foregoing, there is no any iota of doubt any longer that there are many benefits to laboratory automation. It will not only allow reduction of costs in the long run, but it will also generate more revenue for your laboratory. By Increasing your efficiency, having precise and fast sample preparation, reducing the cost of analyzing your sample, ensuring maximum guaranteed availability and tracking your laboratory workflow easily, you will improve workflow and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency.

The benefits of robotic works systems in laboratories cannot be underestimated. Robotics simplifies a lot of process and makes it easier to reach target goals. Embrace robotic system today to start reaping the dividends of digital age.


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