Food Testing Lab Plays A Crucial Role To Keep You Safe and Healthy


If you want to lead a healthy and safe life, intake of balanced and pure diet is important. Thus, food safety has turned out to be a main health concern of people and food testing lab plays a significant role to keep you secure from various kinds of health menaces. Nowadays, intentional and unintentional contamination has become common but ultramodern testing laboratories can identify any sort of contaminants, pathogens, microbial & chemical toxins, pesticide remains and non-allowed additives conveniently.

Public health is important thus FSSAI consistently comes up with effective food safety programs which can ensure healthy food delivery. Food testing is must for all kind of food whether processed, partially processed or organic. Food producers or manufactures of diet items strictly follow the guidelines of FSSAI and keep the additives in a prescribed format and ration. But, to confirm about the food quality and standard, novel foods need to go through under strict testing procedure which guarantee that elements and condiments utilized in food are standardized and exact as per the guidelines.

However, testing of food involves various technical processes to get the desired result. Therefore, appointing professional and legitimate food testing laboratories is crucial to ensure food safety. Only they possess advanced testing equipment and great level of knowledge that ensure accurate results regarding harmful substances or contaminants.

In India, till now the prime emphasis has been given to food adequacy instead of safety. But, with new food regulations and various awareness programs, food safety is taking its place. Now, people are more concerned about food safety which was not seen in past years, that give rise to the need of Food Testing Lab. Testing lab analyses the food properly to identify the ingredients’ quality, ration, hygiene and cleanliness conditions, shelf-life other parameters in compliance to Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.

Food laboratories can play a major role to identifying the microbial contaminants which are the root cause of spreading foodborne diseases.  These food labs are equipped with latest technology and advanced methods thus can easily recognize risk factors, enhance productivity and add value to the food product. Even,testing is essential for the production of healthy, safe and quality products.

Expansion of food industry & products progressively matter of inspection and food testing ensure whether the food product is prepared in compliance with the food safety regulations or not.

Testing laboratories follow different techniques mainly on two parameters – Chemical & Biological Analysis.

Food Microbiology testing: Sustaining hygiene, averting decay and avoiding adulteration are big concern for processors, producers and merchants. Via using this testing procedure can easily identify the presence of injurious micro-organisms in your food. You will getSea foods with trustworthy microbiology testing.

Chemicals& residues testing: Usage of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are common these days to boosts crops and protect yields against harmful insects and diseases. However, overuse of prohibited pesticides can lead dangerous side effects on human health. But, via chemicals & residues testing you can meet the required standards conveniently as trace everything accurately through which you can improve the quality of your food.


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