Gaming 101: A Beginners Guide to PC Gaming


Personal Computer (PC) is unbeatable when it comes to the world of gaming. PC is the best platform for eSports, motion graphics, and superb multiplayer experience.

There are tons of good PC brands you’ll find in the market. Having this kind of PC in your home would be easier to build a gaming collection right at your comfort zone. To start with this guide, you must first learn how to build your PC. You’ll need to set it up and configure it first before you start with a gaming session.

Build Your Gaming PC

To start playing, you’ll need to have a gaming PC. You can buy or even build your own PC according to what specs you wish for. Compared to console gaming, PC games have different requirements, it can be more demanding.  You need to adjust the graphics settings to enjoy the game, or you’ll need to have a video card to enjoy the smoothness of the game. Troublesome? No, it’s quite a delicate balancing act but it’s more enjoyable than a console.

You can find a lot of pre-built PC out there but it can cost you a lot. So if you’re tight on the budget, you can build your own. However, building your own pc requires you to be a one-man team. From troubleshooting, choosing hardware, motherboard, and installations will be your responsibilities. So if you don’t like it, you can buy a pre-built.

A capable gaming PC should at least have:

  • Intel Core i5+ or AMD Ryzen 5+ Processor
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 and above for GPU
  • Windows 10+ for OS
  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • 1 TB (SSD or HDD) hard drive
  • Gaming keyboard and wireless mouse
  • 24-inch to 32-inch monitor

If you have these, then you’re good to play!

Choose the Game you want to play

There are thousands of PC games out there, you’ll find these in the market, or even online. Hundreds of different genres, from sports to shooters and endless survival. It would be easier if you already know the title of the game you want to play.

But if you’re still looking for awesome games, a good idea would be to check online the list of the current popular games. Or you can watch videos on YouTube to know what kind of games are currently trending and enjoying to play.

There’s a lot of free PC games on the internet and you just need to use the search engine, just type the word you want to find, like for example “where can i download skyrim for free”. Tons of results will appear on the result page, then voila! It’s just a one download away, but be sure that your internet is fast and reliable.

Now that your gaming PC is ready and you’ve already chosen the game you want to play, then adding an extra game to play is just a bonus. Try playing open-world fantasy games like skyrim download, explore a different kind of game genres, and don’t focus on just one game. Be a versatile gamer and a jack of all trades!


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