Give your toddler a healthy diet


When a child is born the life changes completely for a parent. It becomes entirely child-oriented. From their food to nutrition, to health and hygiene; everything becomes the sole matter of their life. Being responsible after being a parent is the key thing that you have to become.

The most important thing that the parents need to take care of is their child’s diet plan. This is because; initial years of growing are very crucial. At that point of time, the child needs all the essential nutrition which they need to grow up and to have a proper health and brain development. In fact, when one is pregnant they can take parent education in order to be prepared of what is needed to be done in near future.

Feed your child with proper nutrition

The most important factor is in should have a healthy diet plan for their toddlers. Remember, it is always different from a grown up child or an adult because toddlers always need more fat in their food plans and less fibber which is completely opposite of the adult food plans. When your toddler is breastfeeding, then there is nothing else that you need to do. The change and food plan arrives only when they are more than 6 months old and are about to leave breastfeeding in order to grow tastes in other regular foods.

If you have taken parent education classes, then you already know that you have to introduce to them to new food items one by one and slowly. You can use some butter or a very minimum amount of oil to cook their food. Try to make them eat some wholegrain cereals or pulses and you can also give them very small servings of fruit or some pudding to grow their taste buds.

Yes, your toddler will get all the nutrition that is necessary if they have these five food groups in their healthy diet plan which is carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats and minerals. It is a good idea not to over feed them, but to separate their meals in three different portions and make them eat that with proper time gap. Note their sleeping pattern and then arrange the meals according to it. Try to make them enjoy their meals. Eat with them and praise them when they finish their food in time. Keep your toddlers hydrated for the entire day especially in summer. Do make them drink at least eight drinks per day so that the water content of the body remains fine. Eight servings of drink should not be water. There should be at least two servings of milk and one serving of fresh fruit juice. Do n to give fizzy drinks or sodas to toddlers.

Be very careful on what things to avoid. Do not give them salty food or snacks as they are harmful to them. Raw eggs and shell fishes are a strict no in their diet plans. Give them small fish and small servings of meat. Give them food which are enriched with Vitamin A and D and do not make them eat whole foods like nuts on which they might choke on.

Parents and education is a good thing for those who are taking this responsibility for the first time and it will help them to act better.