Here the Most Common Excuses of People Who Give Up on Being Healthy


When you are just a few months away from your wedding day, you may start feeling nervous and anxious. This is normal since you want everything to be perfect that day. However, it may become more nerve-racking when you start looking for lace wedding dress, especially if you are not confident about your weight.

Telling yourself that you have to lose some weight is easy, but putting it into action is a different story. If you haven’t totally convinced yourself to start putting some effort, you will end up bargaining and coming up with ridiculous excuses just to stay away from getting in shape.

If you are thinking about shedding some weight before your wedding day, do not delay it – do not give in into excuses that prevent you from starting. In relation to this, let’s list down some of the most common excuses people have when they don’t want to lose weight.

“I don’t have time for it.” This is probably the most common excuse we hear from people who don’t even exert the littlest effort to break a sweat, and this is probably the easiest one to shoot down. Time is constant, and it is up to you how to manage it properly. First, you have to realize that you can burn calories without spending too much time. If really have limited time on your schedule, you can go for non-tedious fitness routines like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or the Tabata method. This routine can only take away 20 minutes tops of your time. If you are not into high-intensity exercises, perhaps you can do brisk walking while going to and from your office.

“Being healthy and fit is expensive; I don’t have enough money.” It is really expensive if you enroll yourself at exclusive gym clubs or if you buy the most sophisticated gym equipment; however, if you don’t, you can burn lot of calories without spending a dime. While some fitness programs may burn a hole in your pocket, there other cheaper or even free alternatives, you just have to be open to suggestions. Instead of going to the gym, you may opt to buy affordable exercise equipment that you can use on a daily basis. You can use your own fitness equipment anytime of the day without having to pay gym membership fees and gas money to visit the gym. You may also go cycling, running, swimming, surfing, brisk walking, or follow home video exercise routines.

“I am a hopeless case.” This excuse is like saying you don’t want to make money because you are too poor. The fatter you are, the more motivated you should be. Don’t be discouraged to go to the gym because you think people there will make fun of you. You should know that many of those people who have ripped abs and toned muscles were once like you. Of course it is not easy at first as your body will have to adapt to physical activities, but everything can be learned, and before you know it, your body can already take the punishment you that you would have never imagined before.

“I can’t help but to eat; eating is my passion.” Of course, everyone loves to eat, who doesn’t? However, if you keep on eating without burning the calories, you will definitely find it difficult to fit in your lace wedding dress. You want to enjoy eating without thinking about the ill consequences of it? Then get out of your couch and start breaking a sweat. Think of exercise as your license to eat more. You can eat all you want as long as you burn it all away. However, don’t get the impression that you can eat any food you like; you must still eat healthier foods and stay away from processed and instant foods.

Excuses are just excuses. If you really want be more beautiful on your wedding day and to live a healthier life, then you will always find a way to be fit.

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