Here’s Why You Should Go Glamping


Travelers are on a constant lookout for places and ways in which they can have a unique traveling experience each time. If you’re fond of traveling, there are high chances that you would want to try camping. And ifyou aren’t quite sure if you can go camping, you might as well want to try glamping. Glamping is a combination of two words- glamorous and camping and that’s what it is. If you wonder why you should try glamping, here are a few reasons that’ll make you want to experience such a thing.

Exciting places

When you stay at hotels and resorts, you get comfort, but glamping can take you to breathtaking places with that same comfort. Glamping can be done quite close to scenic places, like in front of a mountain range, steps away from the beach, and so many other places. If you’re fond of nature, glamping can be the best experience for you.

Traveling on a budget

While glamping means glamorous camping, it’s not as costly as the name suggests. Luxury glamping is pretty cost friendly when you compare it with staying in a hotel. If you look for a combination of comfort and a scenic outside view, you’d have to spend a good amount of money. Luxury tents and teepees wouldn’t cost as much and will still let you enjoy a a beautiful view while letting you feel comfortable.

It’s simple

Most people dread camping for the fact that they would have to set the camp up and they might terribly fail at it. Also, if you’re camping, you might need to carry certain equipment to build your camp and keep it intact for a few days. However, with glamping, there is minimal setting up needed. So, for a person who dreams of camping but doesn’t like the hard work involved, glamping can be a good experience.


While you can feel really close to nature when you’re glamping, it also helps you make sure you’re protecting nature. Glamping is an eco-friendly activity that does not involve any threat to the ecosystem. Resorts and hotels are high-cost projects that are built in areas that otherwise have an abundance of trees. And then, these establishments use much electric energy to run. Glamping on the other hand, operates mostly on wind or solar energy.

A new experience

If you have been holidaying and staying at hotels every time, maybe it’s time you seek a new experience while you’re traveling. While the time spent in a hotel counts as time not actually traveling when you’re just resting, if it’s glamping, you’re technically traveling the entire time.

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