How Can You Get Big Muscles Faster?


Many athletes today want to get a toned physique by cutting unwanted fats and gaining muscles. In order to achieve it quickly, they choose to use steroids. It becomes necessary to know about steroids before one begins to use it. Steroids come either in injectable form or oral tablets and are used in cycles. Steroids have helped athletes and bodybuilders in both the cutting cycle as well as in the bulking cycles. However, one has to be careful in using any form of steroids. How you get big fast depends upon the dosage and the cycle of the drug. It is not medically recommended to use steroids.

Steroids And Its Effects

Popular steroids of weight gains are Testosterone, Dianabol, Anadrol, Trenbolone, HGH, and Deca Durabolin. Bulking steroids are used by people in boosting their gym performance that help you get big fast. It is quick to add muscles. Most steroids act by suppressing the natural production of testosterone. In order to avoid this, one can stack it with some other drugs. Steroids also give stamina, endurance, strength with lean muscle mass. When on anabolic steroids, one gets stronger muscles through a process known as muscular hypertrophy.It releases a critical hormone called Growth Factor-1.Steroids are also taken in the form of injections. However, the dose is reduced in injections are they injected directly into the muscles. All the steroids have different properties and different strengths. Always check the properties before getting a steroid. Speak to a health expert and keep track on the results. Do not take more than the prescribed dosage as it can be fatal.

Side Effects

Steroids possesses many health risks like male baldness, virilization in women, Liver damage, man boobs, increased LDL and decreased HDL. Owing to this many countries have banned the use of steroids. Do not extend the cycle for a longer period as it can be too dangerous and give you more side effects than benefits. Side effects not just happen with the drugs alone but on how you take them.Although it gives quick results, you have to be careful in using one. All anabolic steroids are illegal in the USA. One can even go for a post cycle therapy after taking anabolic steroids for re-stimulating the natural production of testosterone. Steroids have been used by many popular celebrities but it has to be taken wisely. Never use a steroid if you have a heart, kidney or liver problems.

Using Steroids

When you intend to use steroids, then you have to do proper research. Although steroids were designed for treating specific medical conditions, it has been abused for other purposes. For beginners, it will be even more difficult in deciding which steroid to use. They are not just dangerous but are also illegal. A beginner can best start with the testosterone cypionate cycle. If a person well tolerates the drug then he will be able to use other steroids to gain muscles. How you get big fast again depends on how you use the drug. Always increase the dosage slowly when you feel that the body is able to tolerate the drug.


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