How God Testifies the Abilities of His Prophets


Apart from pastoral leadership, learned prophets associated with Christian churches offer a series of God’s services as priest, prophet and sovereign. The primary function of prophets is to hear from God and then, he shares that on behalf of his Master. What kinds of messages do they share? In brief, he shares all about God’s expectations, his desires, his planning and judgments. Jesus Christ has spread his messages and earthly ministry, and afterward he has given this responsibility to his devoted disciples who have exhibited the skill to act as prophets.The key functions of prophets are


Preaching is an eternal activity played by pastors and prophets through the ages. What it comes to making people aware of God’s intents and his messages, the process of preaching has no alternative. These Spirit-invoked, engaging words has immense power to communicate God’s desires to common people. Highly popular, insightful, globally famed Prophet TB Joshua the founder and head pastor of SCOAN, The Synagogue Church of All Nations passes on God’s intents to his followers that help them live a comfortable, stress-free and peaceful live. Many preachers today follow therapeutic solutions over prophetic for healing mental to physical issues of human being. However, the power of prophetic solutions is colossal if they are employed in the right way and by the right pastor.


Prophetic leadership is mostly presented from the main podium while it is also practiced in board meetings, international or national ministry sessions and in making budget process. Typically, apart from arranging worship or prayer sessions, preaches courses, churches are involved in series of activities in relation to its organized functioning, day to day activities and management. Further, most importantly, all reputed Church community takes active part in varieties of social welfare activities. This needs significant funding which comes through donations from its members, foreign personalities, other societies, public departments and finally from fundraising programs. Churches require its prophetic pastors to take care of matters related to their institutional functioning, submitting proposals in board meeting and participate in decision-making activities.

Community engagement

The pastoral role of Prophet TB Joshua extends beyond just leading the society SCOAN or communicating God’s wishes and judgment among his followers or social people. As a community reformer he takes a significant position in philanthropic activity world. He acts as the leader, custodian and companion not only for people of Nigeria but all over the world wherever he has devotees. In the recent years, SCOAN has emerged as one of the fast mounting church communities in the world. It has record numbers of devotees and has been involved in widespread social welfare activities organized in different parts of the globe.

Born and brought up in a very poor family and poverty-stricken environment, the early days of TB Joshua was extremely terrible. He could not even continue his high school studies and he had to shoulder the responsibility to bring bread for his family people. From working in different shops to washing people’s muddy legs in Lagos, he has done everything to sustain his loving family members. He believes that before providing the gigantic responsibility of prophet, it is God who undergoes complete test process of the follower to ensure his capability to submit him for his services.


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