How To Choose A Birthday Cake


Birthdays are never complete without a cake. Whether you cut the cake at a party or a quiet celebration, is it important to have a birthday cake. The tradition dates back to the early Romans but the word has been picked up from the Middle English word “Kake”. The cakes of the earlier days were nothing like today. They were fried bread served like dessert at the end of meals. But today a wide variety is available for anyone to choose from for birthdays and other occasions as well. What is even more interesting are the shapes, designs, colors, textures and flavors in which they are available.

Selecting for children

The modern cakes started somewhere around the 15th century with the Germans making the first single layer cakes. The ornate cakes started around the 19th century after people experimented with the various varieties available over two centuries. Selecting a birthday cake is a timetaking task especially if it is for special occasion like the first, 16th, 18th or 21 st birthday. People have also started selecting special cakes for milestone birthdays like the 30th, 40th and 50th birthdays. These cakes are specially designed and decorated to make them memorable. You can also get a birthday cake delivered ahead of such an occasion.

Creams and farmhouses

A visit to the cake shop can be really confusing because you will get a wide assortment of eatables there. But keep in mind the age of the person for whom you are selecting the cake. In case of children also any design goes as long as there is a lot of cream on it. Children love to lick the creamy cakes especially chocolate and strawberry ones. Cakes made for young ones often come in designs like a farmhouse, flower bed, horseshoe, teddy and more. Cakes designed after popular cartoon characters are also in much demand. Some cake makers also print your picture in icing which is a very interesting thing being made nowadays.

What the adults might like

Teenagers, however, prefer sport-based ones like a tennis court or a football ground. Cakes shaped in their favorite hobbies is also much appreciated by elders since they have outgrown the age of sports or cartoons. Other interesting shapes include the ones shaped like the world, the suitcase and ombre cakes. These are unique creations that are such a delight to watch as well as eat. The idea behind these shapes is to add a bit of fun for the adults most of whom remain busy even on their birthday. The suitcase cake, for instance, is perfect for the person who has to travel of office tours for the better part of the year. The world cake is ideal for the globe trotter who has travelled most places of the earth in all kinds of conditions. The bird cakes are also very interesting and many come fully equipped with the cage or the nest which is quite pretty. While ordering these cakes you can opt for UK birthday cake delivery so that these reach on time for the D-Day.


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