How to choose the best dog food?


Proper nutrition is one of the basic things you can provide your pet. There are thousands of food options online that can make feeding a pet easy but choosing equally difficult. Opinion about pet nutrition differs from one vet to another. Experts consider the dog breed, age, weight, and then give you the ideal suggestions.

As a pet owner, you need to have enough information on what your furry friends need to eat. You can also ask your dog breeder about the food your puppy needs. There will be relatives with dogs to help you out and commercials to guide you too. However, you have to settle with one decision and that can be crucial.

To simplify your quest to find the best dog food, check out the points below:

  • As a smart customer, you must check the labels of your dog food. It has to have the standards of Association of American Feed Control Officials. If you find the dog food label on the product you like, you’d know that it is good to go. However, that is not enough for you to choose the pack. You need to check the ingredients. Don’t go ahead with food that includes preservatives and fillers of corn, wheat or soy.
  • Once you have done your bit of research, ask questions from people. The ones who already own dogs will have recipes to share with you. It is smart to start from the vet as they can tell what to do and what not to. They might also have some quick and easy recipes. These recipes are similar food that needs you to alter 2-3 ingredients every time and bring variety to the dog’s bowl.
  • There are several dog food companies that send samples or money return policy on dog food. You can try a few and see if any of them works out for your dog. Don’t serve them much if you’re unsure about a product.
  • Once you choose a product, organize the diet in a proper way and stick to using the brand for at least a month. Your dog takes around 3-4 weeks to show changes in an overall. If you find any sign of illness, you must speak to your vet and change their diet immediately.
  • Experts feel that dogs need a rotating diet that keeps changing in every 2-3 months. If you feed them commercial dog food, you need to change the brand. Offering several food formulations within from the same brand can also benefit your dog.
  • Make sure you bring in variety from homemade diets. It becomes boring for your pets to go on eating the same food every day. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your dog to eat all the pizza slices when you’re not looking!

If you don’t give dogs the food they desire and serve them in variety, they might want to eat other edible elements. You have to be cautious about what you treat your dog and how much.


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