How to choose the right VoIP system


The advantages of switching your phone system to VoIP are well understood. There are savings on calls and on infrastructure, and there is greater flexibility in expanding your business or having staff work from different locations. But when it comes to choosing a system, what are the criteria that you need to consider?

Set Out Your Requirements

The first thing to do is take a hard look at your business and what your telecommunication requirements are. Start with location. Are you based on a single site or do you have other premises too? Are all of your staff office-based or do you have people who work from home or are out on the road?

If you have multiple locations or people out of the office, will you want to host conference calls to cut down on time spent travelling to meetings? Do you do business overseas, and if so how much of your calling does this account for? Is the number of staff you have relatively static or do you take on more at peak periods? All of these things will affect your choice of wholesale AZ VoIP termination provider.

For VoIP to work effectively you need a fast internet connection, so it’s important to check out what broadband speeds are available in your area. To get the best from VoIP you may need to upgrade to a faster service or switch to a leased line.
Choosing a Provider

Armed with your requirements, you can start to look at providers of wholesale AZ VoIP termination. Compare the call plans on offer to see who offers the best deal for the type of calls you need to make. Remember, though, that price is not the only factor. You need to be sure that the service is going to be reliable. Look at whether potential suppliers have industry accreditations and awards, and read reviews from other customers.

You need to look carefully at the contract terms on offer too. Ask to see the service level agreement, and look particularly at reliability levels and fix times. Also check for things like fair use restrictions and what happens should you need to cancel the contract. You are choosing a service that is essential for your enterprise, so make sure to take the time to get it right.


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