How to repair a damaged hose


It’s not difficult to repair a leaky garden hose. The problem is that most gardeners tend to rely on whatever tape they have sitting around rather than investing in a reel of waterproof tape that’s designed to do a proper job. However, it’s a simple and inexpensive repair if you use the right materials for the job.

Tape a small repair

If your hose has a small hole or leak, using tape is the quick and easy way to get your hose running again. Duct tape and electrical tape are not suitable for the repair because they’re not waterproof.

Instead, invest in a reel of silicone tape that is specifically intended for this type of repair. Isolate the leak and then dry it carefully before wrapping three to five layers of tape around the hose. The tape will fuse to itself most effectively when you stretch it to at least twice its length and wrap tightly, overlapping on each wrap. Leave to cure for a minute for the best repair.

Repair a larger leak

Unfortunately, tape won’t fix a larger leak. First, isolate the leak by running water through the hose, then cut out that section of hosepipe. Dry the cut ends thoroughly and re-join using hose connectors; rub them with a little soap if they’re tough to insert in the hose. Now simply the clip the two ends together.
Protect your hose

A decent garden hose is a good investment for any size of garden as it can be used for a wide variety of jobs. Silicone hoses are becoming increasingly common in the garden for their flexibility and are useful when setting up an irrigation system. Always use hose from reputable silicone hose manufacturers like for the best results.

To protect your hose from damage, try the following tips:
– Always empty your hose completely after each use.
– Keep your hose out of the sun as UV rays can damage rubber.
– Coil up your hose after each use and invest in anti-kink hosepipe for ease of use.
– Drain and take apart all connectors, and store it in a dry place over winter.
– Replace washers every spring and whenever they show signs of dripping.

Look after your hose and invest in good-quality silicone tape and hose for micro-irrigation, and your garden will stay well watered.


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