How to Style Plus Size Dresses for the Most Flattering Looks


When it comes to putting together a great outfit having a great dress is only the beginning. Plus size dresses are a lot more stylish and on trend than they used to be. But it still takes the right styling to make an outfit look the best it can look. So if you want to be wearing on trend plus size fashion outfits that look good enough to be noticed on Instagram or Pinterest here are some styling tips that the pros use to put together those gorgeous outfits that you see on social media everyday:


Very few plus size dresses, pants and jumpsuits are going to fit you perfectly off the rack. Even the most gorgeous plus size dresses will look better with a little tailoring. Tailoring a dress or romper to your body is the secret to why those plus size fashionistas always look great. Having a dress or other item of clothing taken in at the waist, shortened at the sleeves or the hem, or having the neckline tailored to perfectly fit your body makes a huge difference in how that piece of clothing looks. And tailoring really isn’t that expensive. Anyone can have their clothes tailored to fit them better.


Shoes really pull an outfit together. Shoes can add a lot of visual impact to a look and put the finishing touches on a trendy outfit. Buying great shoes is an investment that is worth the cost. Every plus size woman needs at the very least some tall boots, a couple pairs of classic flats, motorcycle boots and a few pairs of neutral sandals. Extra wide width tall boots make it easy for plus size women to get stylish tall boots that can be worn throughout the year with jeans, dresses or skirts.


Jackets aren’t just for suits or for work. A seamed jacket is a very flattering way to pull an outfit together. Princess seaming will make your waist look narrower and provide an overall slimming effect. Look for plus size jackets that have a little bit of stretch so that the jacket will skim over your curves and really make your figure stand out.


Jewellery, hats, scarves and other accessories add the personality and flair that bring an outfit to life. Simple plus size dresses can be turned into stunning street style outfits just by choosing the right accessories. The accessories that you choose should reflect your personality. If you love bright colours you can add some brightly coloured bracelets to an outfit to make it pop. Or you can use a statement necklace to bring some drama to a simple plus size maxi dress. Accessories are also an inexpensive way to change up your look and make several different outfits using one piece of clothing.



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