How to Use Rental Truck for Cross Country Moving?


There are many reasons why people have to move to another place like a job offering or less expensive lifestyle but because you don’t know what something like that will happen you need to be prepared. A lot of people don’t know that they can use a rental truck with the driving license they have. A lot of small things matter when you are about to move and it can be much less expensive if you follow some basic steps.

An important thing to remember is to set up everything in advance so you won’t waste time later and so you can fix an issue if it occurs. There are many rental options and you should get someone to help you to determine which one would be best for you. It’s also essential to choose a good company so you won’t have any problems or you won’t get charged extra for the thing you don’t know about. Read herefor more options in moving without breaking your bank.

Preparing for the Trip

Before you start packing you need to find a rental company that suits your needs. You can probably find many in your city so the best way to figure out which one is the best is to ask a friend that had experience with them or of check the rating online. Every company now has a website where you can check the details about them.

When you are choosing a company you will need to check the size of your load that you are taking. This is very important because you don’t want to have unused space in the truck or lack space. They probably have a vehicle for every occasion but you need to measure and estimate how much room you will need.

Contacting the Company

Everything depends on where you are going and how big is your load. This information is what every company will ask you first. There are some questions you should prepare in advance that are related to the prices. Always have a backup firm that you can call if the best one isn’t available at the moment. The reason why you should prepare in advance is that great companies won’t be available if you want to move a few days after calling.

You should inform yourself about the mileage you will pass and how long it takes. With these data, you should be able to get an estimated price. Remember to ask them about insurance because yours won’t cover it for sure. It usually isn’t too expensive but it is very important. Many people are driving it for the first time so safety is the number one thing.


A lot of things can be placed in a small truck if you do it correctly so watching a couple of YouTube videos will help. When packing, you have to think about unpacking later so always place things separately for each family member. You need to pack on time because you don’t want to pay more to the rental company. Prepare the boxes of different sizes and bubble wraps for fragile things.

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Another thing that most people are doing is taking photos of complicated setups like some extensions for the TV or similar tech. It will help a lot if you separate things by roomso when unpacking you can know in advance where to place the boxes. You probably won’t need everything that is in your household so you might need to throw away some items before going. Another option is to call professionals to pack your things which will take less time and effort.

Moving Tips

Small tips that not many people think about is calling a hotel and about towing the car. When you are renting a truck for moving you will probably ask them about towing a car but it may be more expensive then you expected. A better option would be to ship it instead. You will save the extra fuel that would be spent on towing.

Depending on the trip you need to call a hotel so you won’t end up sleeping in the truck. You can calculate the daily distance you will pass while going around 80km per hour. There isn’t a worse thing than driving while exhausted so quality sleep means a lot.


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