How To Use Sunscreen Lotion: User’s Guide


When we step out of the house, a number of environmental negatives such as pollution, dust, sun rays attack our skin. Out of all the pollution that we face, sunrays has the most harmful effect on our skin. It can instant tan the skin tone and you must be knowing how tough it is to get rid of the skin tan.

The sun rays not only turns our complexion into something unrecognizable, it also damages the pores of the skin. It gets worse for men, who need to go out, ride and also work in harsh environmental condition if need be. Plus they are just naive when it comes to getting rid of tan or any other skin issue.

However, if you are also among those men, then there is no need to worry since we are here for exactly that. And to your rescue, we have the sunscreen lotion that works wonder if used properly. If you still have any doubt on this anti-UV rays product, then here is what you should be knowing about the sunscreen lotion.

Sunscreen Lotion magical facts

This lotion is also known as the sunblock cream that is a kind of cosmetic product. It can be available in lotion or cream or gel form. When applied on the clear face and exposed parts of the body, it helps to reflect the sunlight or absorb the UV rays so that it doesn’t affect the skin. Hence it acts as a shield.

However, before you should apply the lotion, you will need to follow the perfect procedure in order to get the best results.

Step 1 – Cleaning: None of the creams should be applied on the dirty face simply because it gets accumulated with the grimes and as result, the condition gets worse. Hence, cleaning is a priority for the application of the sunscreen lotion too. Once you have washed your face and hand or taken bath, apply a required amount of the lotion to your hands, neck, face and other exposed parts of your body.

Step 2 – Let it sit: After the application of the lotion, wait for around twenty minutes before you step out. The cream takes a little time to get absorbed in the skin, hence for better result apple it few minutes before you actually step out.

Step 3 – Re-apply: Remember, sunscreen is no mousse or primer that girls wear once and enjoy the show. It is typically meant for the protection of the skin, hence it needs to be repeated. So, make sure your re-apply the cream every two hours, However, if you don’t require to stay outside, then you can skip.

Follow these steps when you apply the sunscreen lotion. Moreover, you should avoid unwanted use of the product. Take for example rainy days, you won’t need to apply the lotion at all. But if the weather shows partially rain and rays, then it surely the time to take it out of the box. Also, there are speculations that you don’t require to wear sunscreen lotion during winter. The fact is, the light rays can also affect your skin. So, it’s better not to take chance when it comes to beauty.

Now, you know how to apply and when to apply, the only point that we did not mention yet is which brand to choose. So, here is a quick review of the best sunscreen lotionfor men:

Sunscreen Lotion with 40+ SPF PA+++

Ever heard about The Man Company? Yes, sounds masculine and it is. The company has a list of cosmetics, especially for men. One of the new addition is the Sunscreen Lotion 40+ SPF PA+++ that comes with the goodness of Sea Buckthorn oil, which has healing properties and Allantoin with Wheat germ oil that protects the skin from tanning.


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